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7 Crosman Pistols – VIDEO

This is a very brief overview of 7 different Crosman BB and Pellet pistols.  Starting with the 2240 .22 hunting pistol and ending with the new C11 Tactical BB pistol, there is a lot to squeze into 10 minutes.  We want to thank Crosman for providing the bulk of these review product.  Next time you looking for a new bb/pellet pistol or rifle, think Crosman.

Click on the video to start.

  • brotherpaul

    Excellent review , and generally your presentations are great and very thourough . One of the best reviewers I have been watching and few of the people I trust . Congratulations again mr. Eutsler , I love your work . One small question/request if you have any info. What about the c21 and c31 models from crosman ? If you come across them i would love to see a review 🙂

    • Hey there… Thank you for the kind words… I’ve tried hard to be fair with everything that I video or write about. Good news… I have both the 21 and 31 in from crosman for review. I’ll be getting to them once the weather is nicer. One thing to note… the function of both is exactly the same as the c11. The changes are all cosmetic. The sights are nicer and the shape seems better.. but the velocity is exactly the same.



    • Hey There,

      If you are looking for realism, go with the Pro 77. It is not terribly fast or accurate, but it does feel pretty real. The C11 is great for speed and accuracy. If you can save you money for a while and want both.. go fore the Beretta PX4 Storm or Storm Recon. That will give you the best of both worlds.



  • jordan

    Hey….. good video! I want a pistol thats realistic and im debating if I should get the pro77 or the c11. the c11 is cheeper but the pro77 feels more realistic because of its blowback. but Im tryin to keep my budget under 50.00. (the pro77 at my local sporting goods store is 70.99.) the cll is 40.00. what do you think???????????

  • Hi there !
    Love your input !!! I already have the 357…very happy with it…but i am looking into getting a c21 or a c31 but i will wait for your overview. If they are similar as far as performance goes (speed and accuracy) i will end up getting the c31…a bit smaller and it has that “fancy” holster
    Thanks !!!!!

  • zack

    hi Rick,
    I have a crosman 38T revoler co2 pellet pistol. this pistol is awesome, its pretty old, my grandpa gave it to me. Every time i try to put in a new co2 it all leaks out really fast before you can even shoot. do you have any advice to fix this problem?

    • You can try using some Crosman Pellgunoil to see if it will bring the seals back to life.. outside of that, you may be looking at having to rebuild the pistol.


  • birdmove

    Hi, is having a nice Fathers Day 15% discount. I ordered a Crosman C11, in part due to your video review and that big grin on your face after you fired the C11!! I had already ordered a Crosman 357W also.Also both guns get very good reviews at Pyramid Air.I like the 357W as it has not only a fully adjustable sight, but you can also mount a scope or red dot on it easily I understand.The C11 gets fine reviews, and everyone says it’s really comfortable and reliable to shoot and gets a good number of shots per CO2 cartridge.If I really like the C11, I may also get a C11 Tactical with the extended barrel and the included scope rail.I’ve never used a laser scope, but did a lot of NRA hunter pistol matches years ago using my TC Contender and an old Aimpoint red dot scope.My best barrel was in .357Mag, but I used .38 Special cases and 110 grian JHP bullets over a moderate charge of Bullseye powder.You don’t need big power for NRA hunter pistol shooting, but you do need excellant accuracy, and I won a lot of matches with that setup, and it was enough to knock down the 100 meter rams reliably.
    I don’t have a pellet trap that is made for BBs, just a couple of standard pellet traps, so I may have to shoot into a cardboard box like you use in the C11 video.
    Take care, and I stop by your website all the time.Keep up the good work, Jon in Puyallup, Wa.

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