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Hello everyone.  I wanted to take a moment and make a statement that I’ve had a heart to heart with Crosman about continuing to work directly with their company.  I’ve been going round and round with them about being able to review their products for the past 5 years.   What I’ve been asking is that they send me products to review that I keep as compensation for my time.  Here is an excerpt of my lastest email with their PR department:

As a corporation, we do not pay for product reviews. The professional outdoor writers, editors and and gear reviewers we associate with do not expect to receive product at no charge. They either return the product to us when they have finished reviewing it, or they pay us for the product at our writer’s discounted price. In most cases, they also allow us to review their editorial before publishing or printing. That way, we are able to confirm that factual information and specs are indeed correct. This protects consumers from the potential of receiving contradictory or confusing information.

Crosman is willing to extend our discounted pricing to you in exchange for editorial consideration before your reviews air. We will simply confirm that the factual information is correct. This arrangement will apply to every product Crosman provides you at the discounted price (35% off Crosman internet prices).

If this is acceptable to you, please respond. If not, we suggest you continue to obtain your product from another source such as Pyramyd Air.

So.. here is my response:

Thank you for getting back to me. I think at this point I’ll keep working the way I’ve been.. There is literally no incentive on my end to review Crosman products under your conditions and then also give you editorial review of the final materials. My guess is that the folks you usually work with are paid by a third party for their writing/reviews. I don’t think anyone does it “free of charge.” I’m in the unique position of having some great sponsors, both monetary and product providers, that see the value of my honest reviews and their benefit to the average consumer. I do understand that I don’t fit your model. I’m ok with that, but I do wish your model was a bit more flexible.

If things ever change on your end and you’d like me to look at your products, please let me know. I’m still open to it, just not under your conditions.

I recently received the following comment from a viewer.  This really says it all with regards to my intentions with my reviews:

“btw, Rick, thanks for everything you do on here. i’ve been semi-subscribed (checked the channel for episodes) for the past 2 years now and i’m still amazed that even though you now have all these sponsors and company ties, yet you aren’t afraid to speak the absolute truth about a product or company. it’s so awesome to see that you care about us, the customers, and not looking good in the companies’ eyes. that’s just priceless. cheers to you as well, and keep up the great work!”

Airguns are now my full time job.  I love the work.  I love talking to people about airguns and working with great companies like,, and  They “get it.”  I may not always see eye to eye with every vendor that I work with, but I need them to see the value of having someone that has the courage to “tell it like it is” about their products.  In the end, if they listened, they could take the praise when given and use the criticism to improve their products for the benefit of the consumers.

I’ll certainly still be looking at Crosman / Remington / Benjamin products as I can work them in.  Maybe some day in the future they’ll change their policy and we can do more with them.

For now, this is Rick Eutsler with, “Keeping it honest, Keeping it real”

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