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AirgunWeb Annouces OHAT

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AirgunWeb Announces OHAT

Objective Hunting Accuracy Test - OHATThe past several years have taught me quite a bit about the mind of the average airgun consumer. They want something cheap, accurate and powerful. Unfortunately those three things don’t always go together. Manufacturers know this and play on the philosophy that “faster is better.” In the end, you get disappointed, unhappy consumers. I’ve devised a way, with a single test, to deduce the Small Game Hunting potential of a product and have distilled it down into very simple “Hunting Classes.” These classes translate 3 things: Hunting Accuracy, Impact Energy, and Range. With a single glance a consumer will know if, provided they can shoot, the product they are considering will do the job. The Hunting Classes demonstrate minimum requirements for easy identification. The full results will be cataloged and available, possibly through a subscription, through the .org branch of OHAT. (The volume of data collected during certification is pretty amazing) The actual testing will be done through the .com branch of OHAT.

There are two sites that you’ll want to take a look at: &

  • is essentially the consumer reports of airguns. I have developed a standardized test that results in an Airgun “Hunting Class.” This class is derived from Hunting Accuracy, Energy (on target), and Range. Please visit the site to learn more.
  • is the “business” end of OHAT. Manufacturers and Vendors can contract with to test products. These results will be available for marketing purposes under a license agreement. Please visit the site to learn more.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any comments or questions.

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