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Custom Crosman 2240 on HPA

Custom Crosman 2240 Project

Today we look at a highly customized Crosman 2240 running HPA vs Co2.

The Crosman 2240 is a favorite amongst airgun hobbyists.   It is extremely simple to work on and there are literally dozens of different upgrades and customizations that just about anyone can do.

Our 2240 may have started as a $59 pistol, but it is certainly not that now.  Here is how our 2240 evolved into the neat little carbine you see here today.  The prices are just estimated prices as these can change over time.

  1. We replaced the standard grips with the crosman skeleton stock – about $27 from
  2. We upgraded the standard plastic breach with a crosman steel breach provided by Tim and Sue Smith at & – normally around $30
  3. Next we replaced the short barrel with a 10” barrel by – for about $15
    installed a variable power adjuster – for around $10,
    and flow through bolt – for about $18, again all from
  4. We replaced the Trigger with a friction reducing trigger from for around – $40,
  5. 3-9×32 AO scope from Leapers – $50 – (I say $40 on the video, but it is $50 at PA and you’ll need rings for $10 as well.)
  6. 6.5” TKO muzzle break came from Mike at – $45
  7. Lastly we added the hipac HPA conversion running about $60.  It includes a reinforced seal and extra hammer springs to help control velocity.

In the end our little 2240 came in at about $350 to $360 give or take a few bucks.  The end result is an extremely light, fun, quite, accurate carbine that is not like any other out there, because this was built by our own hands


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