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AirVenturi Avenger 1100

Airgun Review – Written By,
Rick Eutsler
Editor / Owner

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When did shooting in the back yard become so serious?  Manufactures are promising 1200, 1300, and even 1600 FPS.  Interestingly enough, I don’t see any accuracy claims to go along with those velocities.  Also, what is with the trend to make everything “composite?”  If only there was a quality airgun that was fun and easy to shoot, was accurate, and didn’t take three weeks of training at the gym to be able to cock it.  It would be even better if it was made of wood and steel like things used to be.

Airventuri Avenger 1100

Enter the AirVenturi Avenger 1100 air rifle imported by AirVentui, made by Mendoza.  If you are looking for an inexpensive, fun, easy to shoot, accurate, quality breakbarrel, then you are in luck.  The Avenger 1100 is all that and more.  I’ve been a fan of Mendoza guns since my first RM200.  It was not fast, but it hit accurately and was very inexpensive.  It was easy to cock, easy to shoot, and hit the bulleye without little or no effort.  The Avenger 1100 is a step up from the RM200 and delivers about 100 more FPS at the muzzle.

The Avenger 1100 is a very traditional breakbarel with a couple unique features.  First of all, the rifle is all wood and steel.  There is minimal use of plastics on this rifle.  You can find plastics in the front and rear sights, safety, and trigger guard.  That’s it.  The metal is a dark, dark, blue and the stock is a pleasant blonde.  The stock is setup for right handed shooters with a raised cheek piece on the left side.  Lefties should still be able to enjoy this rifle however.

Airventuri Avenger 1100

The rifle ships with front and rear fiber optic sights which are very clear and easy to use.  The rear sight should have been micro-click adjustable, but for this price point, I guess they just kept the standard “push ramp” for elevation.  You’ll need an Allen wrench to adjust for windage.  My rifle did not have enough adjustment to get it on precisely target, so I opted to mount a scope.  Given my eyesight, I was going to add a scope anyway.

Airventuri Avenger 1100

Airventuri Avenger 1100

Perhaps the nicest feature of the Avenger 1100 is the unique Mendoza, double blade, trigger.  Instead of having a 2 stage trigger with one blade, they have a 2 stage trigger with 2 blades.  The first blade must be pulled back to meet with the 2nd blade in order for the gun to fire.  There is NO creep in the 2nd stage of the trigger, just a clean, crisp break.  I absolutely love it.

Airventuri Avenger 1100

The safety system on the avenger is located at the rear of the receiver.  It is a simple push – pull safety and it resets between shots.  It is ambidextrous and can be returned to the “safe” position if you decide not to take the shot.  I’m not a fan of automatic safeties, but as they go, this one is pretty easy to get used to.

Airventuri Avenger 1100

When it came to optics, I chose my favorite brand Leapers.  Leapers scopes have proven to be reliable and affordable and they are my “go to” scope brand when I need to add optics to a rifle.  I chose the Leapers 3-9×40 AO, MD, IR scope along with a set of Accushot 2 piece rings for this application.  They are a perfect match for this rifle.  If your don’t care to spend the extra for the Illuminated Reticule (IR) you can save a few bucks and get the Leapers 3-9×32 AO, MD scope which is also a very good option.

Airventuri Avenger 1100

Shooting the Avenger 1100 is a dream.  You can shoot it all day and not get tired.  It takes very little effort to cock the rifle. While it is a springer and requires some technique, because it is not a “magnum” springer, it is beginner friendly.  I let many people try this rifle and they all loved it for its ease of use and accuracy out to 20 yards.  Here is a sample shot group from 20 yards.  Not too shabby!

Airventuri Avenger 1100

.22 caliber Mendoza rifles have a particular quirk. They only like one or two types of pellets.  The most readily available pellet is the RWS Superdome.  The other is the 16.0 GRN. .22 cal LOGUN Penetrator, but good luck finding them.  Awesome pellets though.  Fortunately the Superdomes work just as well and are much easier to find.  Believe me I’ve tried every other .22 call pellet and the Superdomes are the ones to use. They weigh in at 14.5 GRN. and produce an average velocity of 589 FPS in the Avenger.  That comes out to about 11.17 FTLBS at the muzzle. Velocities on the Avenger are not meant to impress, but remember this is not built or marketed as a “magnum” spring rifle. You can expect RWS Hobby pellets top out in the mid to high 600 FPS.

Here are the stats for the RWS Superdome Pellets, .22 cal, 14.5 GRN.
High: 594, Low: 586, Average: 589, Difference: 8 FPS (Very consistent velocities!)

I found only one or two down sides to the Avenger 1100.  First, the open sights did not have enough adjustment to get on target at 10 meters.  They may have been fine at 20, but I can’t see well that far away without a scope, so they are of no use to me.  Secondly, the rifle takes a very long time to break in.  I shot well over 500 rounds before the dieseling settled down and the velocity stabilized.  Then I shot another 200 to 300 rounds before the rifle smoothed out.  Given the low price point, I expected some of that, but I was just about to give up when it started shooting great groups.  The lesson here is, don’t give up too soon.

The Avenger 1100 is a great option for someone that wants to just have fun in the back yard or do some light pest control.  It has more than enough accuracy and power to humanly take down small pests out to 20 yards.  I’ve used it in town to help eliminate problems, i.e. squirrels.  In tight quarters, I prefer a rifle like this one because I know that the pellet will stay in the target and not pass though as it may with a more powerful rifle.  Unfortunately at the time of this article the Avenger 1100 is no longer available.  I hope that some way, somehow, they are able to bring it back as it really fills a need in the airgun community.

Written By, Rick Eutsler
Editor / Owner
Copyright 2010, Dog River Design, LLC – All Rights Reserved.

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