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Industry Brand AR2079A Airgun Review

AR2079A Airgun Review

By: Airgun Spymaster
Written from an undisclosed location in his top secret airgun lab, this AR2079A Airgun Review has been brought to you by the Airgun Spymaster.  Want to know more about him? We could tell you, but then we’d have to, well you know the rest.

AR2079A Airgun Review

AR2079A Airgun running on regulated HPA Ninja Tank using a 3rd party drop down adapter.  When we first received this product, we spoke to the manufacture about the need for more space between the factory co2 connector and the barrel.  They have recently contacted us to let us know they are in the process of redesigning that area to allow for more clearance. This may make the drop down adapter unnecessary.  We will follow up once we learn more.

Overview of the AR2079A

AR2079A Rear Stock

AR2079 Rear Stock, setup for right hand shooters only.

A good many years ago the Marine Corps lovingly tried to teach me to shoot offhand. Unfortunately the results were not pretty. There were a number of reasons for my near failure, and most were my fault. So when I picked up the AR2079A to do a review I figured that I should probably stick to bench rest shooting for serious testing. Nevertheless, I knew I had to do some offhand shooting as that is what this gun is designed to do. What a shock that was. I actually hit the target on the first try. And, as I followed that happy shot with many more my groups tightened considerably. (Note: all shots described in this review were taken at a target distance of 10M (32.8 ft.)

The AR2079A Up Close

AR2079 Rear Sight

Rear sight from the AR2079A

There is something very amenable about the stock and the sights on this rifle that help with efficient pointing. Add to that the nice balance of the gun and you have a delightful 10M rifle that most can pick up and effectively learn to shoot offhand. One feature is that the rifle stock is designed to be used for right handed shooters only. However, I have to shoot non scoped rifles left handed because of right eye problems. This did not really affect me all that much. All the results reported below were shot left handed. If this were my rifle I would simply take a Dremel tool to the stock to fix that problem and I would have something I could quite happily compete with. Another noteworthy feature is the fact that the rear sight comes off quite easily and you are left with a nice 11mm rail on which you can mount a good low power scope and have a good plinking rifle.

AR2079A Front Sight

Front sight from the AR20179A

The front sight allows replacing inserts. A nice feature is the adjustable trigger. As supplied the trigger pull weight is heavy for a 10M rifle. I think that that heaviness is beneficial for the beginner because it takes time to learn to correctly deal with a light to very light trigger pull weight. For me the trigger broke cleanly. The hidden jewel of this rifle is that you have the ability to use both CO2 and high pressure air to make it go.

Testing the AR2079A’s Accuracy

Perched on a benchrest I got some very nice groups while pellet testing. My best group was a .135 center to center made with RWS R10 7.0gr pellets. I did discount one flyer that was certainly my fault. (For you beginners center to center is measured on the longest length of the hole(s) and subtracting the diameter of the pellet (.177″). The odd part of that statistic is that all my 7.0 grain pellets shot better in this particular rifle than did the 8.2 grain pellets which are usually the ones shot in 10M rifles. This could be a feature of this particular rifle or it may be usual in the AR2079A line.

AR2079A 10M Shot Group

Shot group from the AR2079A at 10 meters

AR2079A 10M group

Another shot group from the AR20179A shot from 10M.

My wish list for the AR2079A

The fact that you can mount a scope on this rifle is marred by the fact that it appears you definitely should NOT remove the front sight because there is no apparent way to get it exactly back in the same place. The safety takes a good bit of force to engage. Since most competition gun have no safety they should have left it out. The bolt is hard to close; it should be lighter for younger shooters. With any 10M rifle an adjustable cheek comb would be a nice thing to wish for. However, at the price point of the AR2079A it is probably not in the cards.

My Summary on the AR2079A

The dual fuel feature makes this a very adaptable rifle. I shot a high pressure string across my Chronograph with the following statistics: Highest velocity: 657; lowest velocity: 650; Average: 652; Extreme spread: 7; and Standard deviation: 2. These differences are essentially negligible and go a long way explaining the very good accuracy of the AR2079A. In fact, this gun will in all likelihood shoot better than most of us ever will. If you get to the very highest levels of competition then you might want something else. There are other guns whose price is around 2 to 3 times the price of this one. They are certainly a bit better than the AR2079A; but may very well not be worth it. This is an excellent starter 10M rifle; it will take you a long way for little start up money.


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