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BAM B26 and Beeman Kodiak Pellets….. wow…

I hope you all have been enjoying the video reviews! The traffic on the site is set to quadruple if the numbers keep going the way they are now! In the mean time, our testing and shooting continues. This weekend I took the time to pull every rifle out of the review inventory and at least put a few pellets though each one. One day, I’ll get a photo of everything and post it on the site so you can see just how much fun I’m having with all this.

Anyway, I recently had to repair a B26 with a broken stock and had not gone back to sight in the scope. Well to my surprise I’ve found something really special. If you’ve read my site, you should know that I really like some BAM rifles, but I love the Bam B26. As far as I’m concerned it is the best Chinese rifle for the money. This weekend’s shoot proved this point even further.

Now when it comes to shooting I will always prefer .22 caliber to .177. I don’t expect to change my opinion until something really comes along that knocks my socks off. I’m also not one to get caught up on velocity claims. I’d rather have a rifle that hits a dime every time at 550 FPS than one that misses at 1200 FPS. This point was expressly demonstrated with this particular B26 rifle.

This B26 is the newest generation of the rifle with a refurbished Crosman 3x9x40 AO scope mounted via a 1 piece mount. I had a bit of trouble sighting in the scope and I had to shim the front of the mount to get the shots low enough to have some adjustment. With that done, I started running through some pellets to see if this version was any different than the others that I’ve shot.

Well, it still likes RWS pellets and Crosman Premier Hollow Points, it really likes the Crosman Pointed pellets. But what really surprised me is just how much it liked Beeman Kodiak pellets. Take a look at the following group:

b26 15 yard shot group with beeman kodiak pellets
Beeman Kodiak Pellets shot through my Bam B26 at 15 yards. 5 shots in 1 hole.

I kid you not, that is five shots in 1 hole! Thinking this was a fluke, I shot another group and got the same results! Now I had adjusted the trigger a bit and I was shooting with a slightly different hold, but I never expected to see this kind of grouping. Velocity was 550ish FPS which puts the rifle shooting with 14+ foot pounds of force using the Beeman Kodiaks (21.1 grns). On the other end of the scale were the Beeman Silver Bear pellets (12.65 grns) that shot at 750+ FPS. Oddly enough when you do the math, there is very little difference between the amount of force that is brought to bear on the target. I believe there is a .6 foot pound variance.

So with this kind of grouping I wanted to see how they did at 40 yards. To my delight, I was consistently shooting groups just slightly larger than 1/2″ at 40 yards with these Kodiak pellets, and this was in the wind! The faster Silver Bear pellets shot about 1.5″ groups at 40 yards, which is still not bad for the B26. Take a look at this shot card:

Beeman kodiak pellets with the Bam B26 at 40 yards
5 shot group from 40 yards with the Bam B26 and Beeman Kodiak pellets.

Obviously I’m not done testing this rifle. I’m setting up a range nearby that will really let me stretch things out. I hope to get that up and running very soon. Anyway, what does all this mean. Well to me it reemphasizes the fact that accuracy always trumps velocity especially where there is negligible difference in the force exerted on the target. I’ve always kind of had the Kodiak pellets around just in case nothing else worked but now they are a major part of my testing arsenal. Take a lesson from this post. Don’t get caught up in the “speed trap” and the unrealistic marketing claims coming from some companies. Faster isn’t always better.

Written By,
Rick Eutsler
Editor / Owner
Copyright 2008 & Dog River Design, LLC.

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