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Beeman R7 – Airgun Review

Beeman R7 Elite in .177
W/ Mounted Bushnell 4-12×40 AO Scope

Written By,
Rick Eutsler
Editor / Owner

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Beeman R7

The Beeman R7 is a truly gorgeous airgun.  It is virtually a miniature Beeman R9 in just about every way.  The craftsmanship of the woodwork and metalwork is just what you’d expect from an expensive, high quality, German airgun.

Beeman R7

The stock is simple and works equally well for both right and left handed shooters.  There is nice checkering on the grip and forearm which is not only decretive but functional, adding texture to the stock.

Beeman R7

Beeman R7

Beeman R7

The stature of the Beeman R7 is short and compact making it very light and easy to handle.  The barrel is relatively short and has a weighted muzzle break for balance and to help with cocking the rifle.  There are no open sights.

Beeman R7

The Beeman R7 is all metal and wood with no plastic parts to be found.  There is a distinct difference when you handle the Beeman R7 compared to other “youth” airguns.  The fit and finish, the feel, and the “presence” of this rifle are only equaled by other high end airguns such as the Beeman R9 and the Air Arms TX200.  With proper care and maintenance, this gun should last several lifetimes.

The Beeman R7 Elite ships from for about $450 and includes a mounted Bushnell, “dusk & dawn” 4-12×40 AO scope. This is a very nice scope and has one of the brightest site pictures that we’ve seen.  The scope has a simple duplex reticule.

Beeman R7

Beeman R7

Perhaps the most surprising feature of the Beeman R7 is the Rekord Trigger.  This is the same trigger that is found in the Beeman R9 and other high end Beeman models. The Rekord trigger is one of the top three airgun triggers that we’ve had the pleasure to test, the other two being the triggers on the Air Arms TX200 and the Benjamin Marauder. The Beeman R7 has an automatic safety at the rear of the gun that is reset between shots.

Beeman R7

While the Beeman R9 is a true blue hunting airgun, the Beeman R7 is designed for 10 meter target practice.  It weighs in at around 8 pounds, with the scope, is extremely easy to cock, and is not overly hold sensitive. It is setup perfectly for smaller shooters and is ideal for shooting paper targets, spinners and learning how to properly handle an airgun.

Our velocity tests showed that Beeman R7 topped out at around 667 FPS with the 7.0 grn RWS hobbies, our standard pellet for testing a rifle’s maximum velocity.

Here are the results of our velocity tests with the RWS Hobbies:

  • High – 667 FPS
  • Low – 647 FPS
  • Average – 654 FPS
  • Extreme Spread – 20 FPS
  • Standard Deviation – 5 FPS
  • Average Energy – 6.65 FT-LB

The advertised velocity for this rifle is 700 FPS making these results quite good being only a few FPS off the mark.

Our most accurate pellets were the Crosman Premier Lights in the cardboard box.  They are a 7.9 grn pellet, slightly heavier than the RWS Hobbies, and they gave us the following results:

  • High – 609
  • Low – 596
  • Average – 602
  • Extreme Spread – 13
  • Standard Deviation – 3
  • Average Energy – 6.36 FT-LB

The Beeman R7 is designed for optimal accuracy at 10 yards, but we also performed tests at 25 yards, just to make it stretch its legs a bit.

This first group is from 10 yards.  As you can see, the accuracy is what you’d expect from a fine German airgun baring the Beeman name.

Beeman R7
10 Yards using the Crosman Premier Lights

This second group is from 25 yards.  While not as good as the Beeman R9, it is still VERY respectable.

Beeman R7
25 Yards using the Crosman Premier Lights

The Beeman R7 is a wonderfully fun airgun and is a complete joy to shoot.  It may not be a hunting airgun, but it is extremely accurate and you can shoot it all day long without getting worn out.

If there is one down side to the Beeman R7 it is only in the price tag.  At around $450, it is an expensive airgun, but worth it when quality is more important than price.  Everything about the Beeman R7 is quality and precision.  The Beeman R7 has the famous Rekord Trigger which can’t be overlooked.  When it comes to accuracy a lot of things play a role.  For me, having a trigger with a crisp, light 2nd stage is really important.  That is one of the things that make the Beeman R7 as good as it is.

Written By, Rick Eutsler
Editor / Owner
Copyright 2011, Dog River Design, LLC – All Rights Reserved.

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