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Buying Airguns at Wal-mart… good idea?

Ok.. so I’ve got some time and thought I’d put down a few thoughts. When it comes to buying ANYTHING these days, you should be able to find SOMEONE that has used it and can give their two cents about it. The problem comes in when you hear someone say just how “awesome” it is and you get it home only to be very disappointed. I recently viewed a “review” of the Gamo Express .22 shotgun on another website. They spent about 5 minutes of video praising the gun for all it’s values. Heck if it weren’t for some “real” reviews that I’ve read, I may have been tempted to pick one up.. only to be disappointed yet again.

I know that I’ve mentioned more than once about the awesome resource over at From my experience, they really tell it like it is and leave the “infomercial” on late night where it belongs. You can rely on these guys, and I hope one day that you are comfortable trusting my opinion and findings as well.

So now I come to my point. Does it every really make sense to buy an inexpensive air gun at Wal-mart? I guess the only good thing about their air guns is that you can return them. Most recently I purchased 2, I know…. what was I thinking, Crosman G1-Extreme rifles. The first one was very inaccurate. I should have been able to figure that out when the pellet nearly fell down the barrel before I even had a chance to close the rifle. The second one had a busted stock. Guess I should have opened the box at the store? After an email to Crosman, I decided to give them one more try and get the Sierra Pro, also from Wal-mart.

I’m very ashamed to admit that I was simply getting the rifle because I wanted a new AO scope. Somehow in my logic, it made sense to spend $100 or $150 and get a rifle AND a scope, than to spend $100 for just the scope. I was just going to give the rifle to a nephew anyway. Long story short, the Sierra Pro was a decent rifle for $150 and it was a nice scope….. for a while. The rifle did make it to my nephew, but the scope has been shipped to Crosman for replacement. I wish someone would have told me about those cheap crosman Wal-mart guns! I could have saved myself some time and money!

When you consider that you can get a really decent rifle from the folks over at Pyramid Air for $100 to $200, Wal-mart just doesn’t do it for me anymore. Now I know better and if you have read this, so do you.

**** Disclaimer ****

Just in case any of you are wondering.. I don’t work for Pyramid Air or anyone else involved in the sale or manufacturing of air guns. This is my hobby. Anything you see reviewed on this site has been purchased by myself or lent to me by a friend. My HOPE is that someday I’ll have manufacturers sending me their air guns to review and if that day ever comes, I’ll let you all know. At this moment in time however, I just want to provide you with “real world” performance on all types of air guns. (and it gives me a reason to keep buying them!)

Written By,
Rick Eutsler AKA: AirHead
Editor / Owner
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  • JerryL99

    Hi Rick and Viewers

    I am also GUILTY of buying a gun at WALLY WORLD or Wal-Mart. They might get and carry some Name brand and some good items at a good price . But chances are they are second class or low class bottom of the line .
    I have come to the fact that if and when I want something such as a fire arm of ANY TYPE and or upper end Sporting Goods or Tools for that matter I will go to a qualified supplier or name brand dealer.
    If I need support the name brand dealer is either qualified as a repair station or can well advise me and or will stand behind their products .
    These are just my personal feelings .
    Take care have fun shoot safe ….JerryL

  • pbelkin780

    Thanks for the info. I will keep that in mind better to wait for delivery than to go home with a gun that does not work

  • deputylynch

    How does buying a G1 from someplace other that WalMart make a difference since it would seem to me that they ship the same guns out to different distributors???

    I have just bought one at Wally World that seems to be fine but I’ll have to keep shooting it to find out.

    What pellets have you found to be the most accurate out of the G1 and have you had a chance to put the GRT III trigger in it yet?

    You mention the Dragon Claw Bi-Pod for $20; where can it be had for that price?

    Thanks for your assistance!

    Deputy Lynch

  • Dear Deputy Lynch,

    From what I’ve seen when buying from Wal-mart you never know who else has been in the box or what that box has been through to get to the store. Several times I’ve been by boxes half opened or taped up.

    As for pellets, I’ve found the Crosman Field points to work well as well as the Crosman Premier Hollow Points and You can get the bi-pod at

    I’m guessing that you’ve read the GRT-III trigger post. As you can see if you’ve got the G1, the GRT-III trigger is a very worth while upgrade.

    I hope you enjoy the G1. I sure enjoyed mine when I had it around.

    Hope you like the rest of the site.


  • Korak

    When, at my advanced age, I decided to get an air rifle I looked at the guns at Walmart. I liked the look of the Crosman Phantom. After looking at guns on the web I dedicided to buy mine from Pyramid. For the difference in cost I think it was, for me, a good deal. The actual difference was less than $13. With the Pryamid gun some one had unpacked it, checked it for function and chronoed it. Well worth difference.


    • Even before PyramydAir became a sponsor, I was buying all my rifles and supplies from them. Their customer support is great and their prices are very competitive. Most orders ship free AND you save on sales tax.


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