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AirgunWebTV 2015 EPISODE 7

In this our final episode of the season, we’ll get back to basics and do some small game hunting with our favorite breakbarrel airguns from Gamo USA. We’ll also tell you why we never want to go hunting again without our new favorite airgun accessory, the pellet pen. Continue reading

AirgunWebTV 2015 EPISODE 6

In this episode we’ll take a look at what may be my favorite airgun for small game hunting at long range. The .30 caliber Hatsan Carnivore has impressed me since the day I first pulled the trigger. Cecil and I will review this airgun and give you all our AirgunWebTV airgun rating score; then we’ll take it out into the field for the real test, shooting prairie dogs in the wind out in Seligman Arizona. Continue reading

AirgunWebTV 2015 EPISODE 5

In this episode of AirgunWebTV I’m going to review my .22 caliber Walther Rotek rifle topped with one of my favorite scopes from Hawke Optics, the 3-12x50 Sidewinder 30. Cecil and I rate the Rotek with our AirgunWebTV Airgun Rating system and then I’m headed back to the Fort Mohave Indian Tribe to hunt collard doves. Continue reading

AirgunWebTV 2015 EPISODE 3

Trying to find the right airgun can be a real challenge. There are so many different options on the market, each with their own set of pros and cons. Over the next two episodes Cecil and I will walk through the various options to help you all pick the best airgun for your needs. Continue reading

AirgunWebTV 2015 EPISODE 2

In this episode of AirgunWebTV we’ll be looking at some guns from one of my favorite airgun manufacturers, Air Arms. Cecil will be hunting with their brand new FAC version of the Air Arms TDR (Take Down Rifle) and I’ll be huntig with what is presently my favorite airgun, the Air Arms S510 Ultimate Sporter. Continue reading

AirgunWebTV 2015 EPISODE 1

In this episode you’ll see how we envision the show moving forward. We will have product reviews and field testing along with tips and tricks for airguners to get the most out of their airgun products. Continue reading

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