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Crosman 2300s co2 10 meter .177 Target Pistol

Crosman 2300s co2 10 meter .177 Target Pistol
with Williams Notch Sight

Today we take a look at the Crosman 2300s single shot target pistol. Crosman has outdone themselves this time. They have produced an excellent target pistol with outstanding accuracy. Now when I say accurate, I mean accurate. Today my friend and I were consistently hitting 2 liter coke bottle caps at 20 plus yards. The accuracy starts with their 10.1″ Lothar-Walther choked match barrel. It gets better with an included Williams notch sight and fully adjustable single stage trigger. To round it all off, they built in a very consistent co2 power plant system.

I shot several hundred pellets through this pistol and found the Crosman Premium Grade Competition Wadcutters to be the most accurate. Each co2 powerlet produced 40 to 50 hard hitting shots of equal velocity. Be sure to take your time so that the co2 has time to return ambient temperature before your next shot. Seeing as this is a single shot, bolt action pistol, the act of reloading gives you enough time between shots. While the velocity is adjustable via a rear knob, I found that I preferred it maxed out. Loading the co2 is easy. Just unscrew the cap under the barrel, slide in a co2 powerlet, and screw back in the cap. The final turn or so forces the powerlet down into the piercing pin and you are ready to go. It is always a good practice to put a drop of Crosman PellGunOil on the head of the powerlet before each refill to keep the pistol’s co2 system well lubricated.

Setting up this pistol was very simple. The Williams sighting system mounts on directly to the dovetail mount. While you can mount a scope, I can’t see why you would want to. The ease of aiming with these sights is just awesome. I did try a red dot scope and it was not as accurate as open sights. As you can see from the photos, they have very fine adjustments.

After I mounted the sight I took some practice shots and got things dialed in very quickly. The next step was to adjust the trigger system. As you can see from the illustration below, the trigger pull weight is easily adjustable by simply removing the grip plate and turning a knob. With the trigger set to its lightest pull it was time to start testing just how accurate this “target” pistol is.

Just one more step before we get to the accuracy tests. On paper this pistol’s max velocity it 520 FPS. Here is what we got from our chronograph:

Group 1
Crosman Wadcutters, 7.8gn
High – 498, Low – 484, Average – 489, Difference – 14 FPS

Group 2
Crosman Wadcutters, 7.8 Gn
High – 454, Low – 445, Average – 450, Difference – 9 FPS

Those numbers are very close to the stated max FPS, so I’m pretty pleased with the velocity performance. I’m not sure why there was a difference between the groups, but the velocity within the groups was very close. I only saw a significant drop at the very end of the co2 powerlet. The last 5 or 6 shots would slow down and when the powerlet was removed, there was very little co2 escaping from the cylinder. It seems that the co2 power plant is very efficient.

When it came time to start with the accuracy tests, I tried several pellets, holds, rests, and even a red dot sight. The Crosman 2300s performed exceptionally in every configuration. I got the best results using a pistol shooting rest and open sights. I started shooting from 5 yards. Here are some of the groups that we got from that distance.

As you can see, those are some awesome groupings. These were not the exception, but rather representative of most of the groups I shot from this range. I next moved back to 10 yards and setup again with various pellets. Again the Crosman Wadcutters were the pellet of choice.

While the first group is a little larger than what we had at 5 yards, after a little trigger time I was cutting groups like the second photo. It did not take long to get very comfortable with this pistol.

So what is the bottom line with this outstanding pistol. If you like shooting hand guns, then you really need to consider the Crosman 2300s. Many online retailers like sell this pistol for about $195. The ammo is inexpensive and co2 is relatively inexpensive as well. Plus, with the appropriate pellet trap, you can easily shoot all you want indoors or in your back yard. It feels nice to shoot and is relatively quite. The only drawback, if it is one, is the fact that the velocity is light, frankly too light, for hunting. While you may be able to dispatch very small game at short distances, this pistol is made for target shooting and it does that exceptionally well.

Written By,
Rick Eutsler AKA: AirHead
Editor / Owner
[email protected]
Copyright 2007 Dog River Design, LLC – All Rights Reserved

  • Rabbitt

    Nice review. I really like the number of different pics you posted. I especially
    like you showing how to adjust the trigger. But, where does one load the CO2

    I’ve been lusting after the 2300S since I saw BB’s review.

    Birthdays coming up so maybe the wife will take the hint. 🙂

    I have been enjoying all of your reviews, found you by way of BB’s Blog on
    Pyramydair. Keep up the great work.


  • Dear Rabbitt,

    Thanks for your comments. I knew I forgot something. I’m planning on taking some new photos so when I do I’ll take some of the CO2 port. BTW, the chamber under the barrel is where the CO2 goes.

    Thanks again!


  • Rabbitt

    I also meant to ask about your pellet testing. Did you try the Gamo Match pellets and if so how did they do vs the Crosman wadcutters? I have found them to be good for all of my pistols so far and the price is good. But then I am shooting in a basement at about 25ft. so I don’t know how they may be at longer distances.



  • Rabbitt,

    I did not try the Gamo Match pellets. I was getting such good groups with those inexpensive Crosman Wadcutters, that I did not look far beyond them. I’ve requested some Gamo Match pellets for one of my upcoming reviews. If I’ve still got the 2300s around I’ll run some through it and let you know.

    I hope to post my review of the Crosman G1 Extreme tonight. I’m getting groups just slightly larger than 1/4″ c to c at 20 yards. Should be a good review.

    Shoot Safe!


  • Rabbitt

    Thanks for the extra pics and description on loading the C02. That cleared up my nagging little question.


  • Rabbitt

    Well the wife came through for my birthday and got me the 2300S. Sweet pistol. Spent a little bit of time with it yesterday and enjoyed shooting it.

    Really a PITA to load wadcutters though. I thought I had remembered something on BB’s blog about the problem being fixed but is not easy to load on mine. Tried some round nose and they weren’t much better. How were the ones you used?

    All in all I like the trigger once I had it dialed down to minimum pull. The C02 seemed to give consistent power until the very end. I didn’t notice it running out until it wouldn’t shoot a pellet and there was just a hint of gas left in it when I removed the powerlet.

    I also noticed on the instruction sheet that Crosman recommends using Pellgun oil on every powerlet! Sure hadn’t seen that on my other Crosman pistols.

    I think I’m going to like shooting this gun. I’m not very accurate but that’s me and not the gun itself. Still trying to learn to use a two hand and also one hand grip. My “bench” is the top of the backrest of a bar stool so you know that’s accurate. 🙂

    Keep the reviews coming and shhot safe.


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