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Crosman 66 Powermaster – Surprise of the weekend…

Well, I have to tell you all about a real surprise. Hopefully you’ve read the posts on the Crosman 1077. We ran into some issues with it not firing consistently and have sent it off to get checked out. Anyway, I found out something interesting while testing the 1077. I took another look at the Crosman 66 Powermaster that we used in the article “Accuracy means different things to different people!” I wanted to test how close it came to the stated FPS and compare the differences to the 1077. This is what I found.

Crosman 66 Powermaster

From our first test, I’ve replaced the included scope with a Daisy 3x9x32 air rifle scope. Now this scope does not have an adjustable objective, so the highest magnification I could use at 10 yards and still have a clear picture was 4x to 4.5x. On paper this is not any better than the included scope, other than the fact that this new scope is just better, has a 32mm objective, and was only a $29 upgrade.

This rifle was fairly inexpensive and came as a kit from Wal-Mart for only $70, but you can also get the Crosman 66 Powermaster from other vendors like The rifle is a multi-pump pheunmatic with a maximum pellet velocity of 645 FPS. It also shoots BBs but I’m not sure why you would want to because: one, you will wear out the rifling in the barrel, and two, BBs are very inaccurate to begin with. I ran several pellets through this rifle at varying pumps. I shot many pellets and I won’t bore you with all the details, but here are the findings for the most accurate that I tested.

1. Gamo Pro Magnums, 7.9gn
5 pumps: High 483, Low 475, Average 479, Difference 8
10 pumps: High 613, Low 586, Average 698, Difference 27

2. Crosman Wad-Cutters, 7.9gn
5 pumps: High 475, Low 465, Average 471, Difference 10
10 pumps: High 601, Low 591, Average 596, Difference 10

As you can see, at 5 pumps you get some very consistent FPS. The Crosman Wadcutters were consistent at both 5 pumps and 10 pumps. Most of my shooting was done with 5 pumps because I was shooting from 10 meters and did not feel that the slight increase in FPS was worth all the extra pumping.

Here is where things got interesting. This is the group that we shot back on the first article:

Crosman Premier Hollow Points from 10 yards

Now take a look at how this changed when we found the right pellet and swapped out the included scope with the new Daisy scope:

Crosman 66 Powermaster Group
Crosman Wadcutters at 10 yards

Crosman 66 Powermaster Group
Crosman Wadcutters at 10 yards, 10 pumps, notice how they are just a little higher than the 5 pump groups, but still very tight.

Crosman 66 Powermaster Group
Our best group came from the Gamo Pro Magnums

It was pretty amazing to be shooting one pellet that could not hit the mark and switch to another one that seemed to effortlessly hit the bullseye every time. As you can see, both the Crosman Wadcutters and the Gamo Pro Magnums did very well with this rifle.

Final thoughts: Although this is an inexpensive plastic air gun, it shoots very well when matched with a reasonable scope and the right pellets. The open sights are not my favorite but work once sighted in. With 1o pumps and light pellets it comes very close to its stated 645 FPS, but it also gets good velocity and consistency with only 5 pumps. Of all the features, I like the 5 shot “clip” that helps with the followup shots. If you’ve got a young shooter or just want another rifle to plink with, take a look at the Crosman 66 Powermaster.

Written By,
Rick Eutsler AKA: AirHead
Editor / Owner
Copyright 2007, Dog River Design, LLC – All Rights Reserved.

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