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Crosman 800x Break Barrel .22 rifle with 4×32 Scope – Part 1

Today we will take a look at the Crosman 800x, a break barrel rifle with a rated velocity of up to 800 Feet Per Second. Before we get started, we want to take a moment to thank the folks at for providing this rifle for review. You can easily pick one up on their website for only $120, and that includes a VERY nice 4×32 hunting scope.

On to the review! This rifle is lightweight, weighing in at about 6 1/2 pounds with the included scope. The cocking effort is light to moderate (stated as 37 pounds, but feels lighter) and should be light enough for all day shooting.

Crosman 800x Profile

At first glance, this is a very nice looking rifle. It comes with a light colored stock that is very well made and has a nice grain and finish. It is, also, very comfortable and pulls to the shoulder well. It ships with a 4×32 scope that is perfect for this rifle.

Crosman 4×32 Scope Mounted

It has front and rear fiber optic sights. The rear sight is fully adjustable with micro-click adjustments, making the sighting-in process quick and efficient. I would imagine, when in the woods, the open sights would be preferable for quick target acquisition. Since we are shooting fixed targets, I’ll install the scope for our shooting tests. At first look, the scope was very clear and it seemed that the parallax was set to about 15 to 20 yards making it perfect for the effective range of this air rifle.

Fiber Optic Front Sight

Fiber Optic Rear Sight

View through the scope

Well enough about the cosmetics, let’s talk about how this rifle performs! This rifle produced the most consistent velocity of any spring air rifle that I’ve tested. Most rifles, whether spring, pump, or CO2, have a spread across multiple shots. My Gamo Hunter 440 has a spread of about 20 FPS across multiple shots. Review the following table to see just how consistent this rifle’s power plant is.

Crosman Premier Hollow Point, 14.2gn (average pellet weight)
High – 709, Low – 703, Average – 706, Difference – 6 FPS (That’s right only 6 FPS difference!)

RWS Super Dome, 14.5gn (average pellet weight)
High – 711, Low – 704, Average – 708, Difference – 7 FPS

The consistency was the same across multiple pellets not just the ones above. With only a 6 or 7 FPS spread, I was extremely excited to see just how accurate this rifle shoots.

First, I went through and did a complete check of the gun. I tightened up all the screws, thoroughly cleaned the barrel, and made sure everything else was secure. Initially the rifle dieseled, as in combusted LOUDLY, and it took about 10 or 15 shots with heavy Beeman Kodiak pellets to clear it out. The rifle has significant recoil and some twang to it. With the dieseling stopped, I started to sight in the rifle’s open sights. Here is where I ran into my first snag. In order to get the the rifle shooting in the right direction I had to adjust the sight all the way to the left and then some. (see photo below) I also had to lower the rear sight to it’s lowest point and it still was not low enough. It was still shooting high and I decided to just move on and install the scope.

Rear sight adjusted – notice that I had to go past the furthest left notch.

As mentioned before the scope was very nice and perfect for this rifle. There is plenty of adjustment room on the scope to get it on target and the 4x magnification and short parallax make it easy to use at short distances. I set up at 10 yards to start my shooting tests. The first thing that I noticed was just how hold sensitive this rifle is. Any change in the position of the hold would throw the shot off by 1 to 3 inches, and that was only 10 yards away. You can imagine the effect at 20 yards or more. Also, I found the trigger to be very stiff with noticeable creep, making it unpredictable. Here are some of the groups that I shot at 10 yards.

Crosman Premier Hollow Points 14.2gn.

Daisy Precision Wadcutters

RWS Super Dome 14.5gn.

As you can see, accuracy is where things fell short. I was expecting much better groupings at only 10 yards. I put around 1000 pellets through this gun over the last couple of days. What you see above is the best I could get. There may have been several issues that contributed to the inaccuracy. When attempting to use the open sights, they were at their extremes to try and get the rifle on target. It is possible that the barrel is somewhat out of alignment. Also the fact that the rifle is so hold sensitive makes it very difficult to shoot accurately. Lastly, the trigger was very stiff, even adjusted as light as possible, its release was unpredictable which can lead to decreased accuracy.

Now, I want to put all of this in perspective. We are talking about a .22 cal rifle that consistently produces better than 700 fps, all for less than $120 and includes a nicely matched scope. All in all, we are talking about a pretty hard hitting little rifle. I did get the chance to shoot out to 25 yards and while I don’t have any groupings to show you, I can tell you that they were all in the 2.5″ to 4″ range. While these groupings are nothing to write home about, last time I looked, a squirrel was a bit bigger than 2.5″. This is a very “practical” air rifle. While it may not win a shooting competition, it would certainly dispatch small game easily enough. 20 Oz. water bottles at 30 and 40 yards were not a problem. It may not drive 5 shots though the same hole, but it can produce adequate results for a rifle in this price range. I would sum up this review by saying this rifle has a lot of potential, but you will need a lot of practice to tame it and get the most out of its potential.

Written By,
Rick Eutsler
Editor / Owner
Copyright 2007, Dog River Design, LLC – All Rights Reserved.

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