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Crosman C11 Pistol – Practical Shooting Training Tool – VIDEO

This is a short video of the Crosman C11 Semi-Automatic CO2 BB pistol. While I’m normally not a fan of BB pistols, the C11 really surprised me. The weight and feel was exceptional. BB’s will NEVER be as accurate as pellets, but as a Practical Shooting Training Tool, the C11 excels and it is a real ball to shoot. I hope you enjoy the video. Please keep your comments coming.


Click on the video to start.

  • jordan

    hey nice video!! I was just wondering if you could anwser two questions. 1st how much pell gun oil should I put on the cylinders because my buddy put way too much and became a mess in the internal mechinisms! 2nd and is it loud because my neighbors might call the authorities on me because it might be loud. (I dont have a very good relationship with my neighbors!!) also airguns are legal were I live but I dont want to make them mad!!

    • Jordan,

      To answer your first question… you only need a drop on the tip of each CO2 cartridge. As for the second question…. I don’t think it is that loud.. but I would not be shooting hundreds of rounds at 11:00 PM or 5:30 AM if you get my drift. It definitely makes some noise.

      Hope that helps.


  • steve


    I have enjoyed all your reviews and videos but I found this one particularly interesting. This is something I would like to try myself.

    What distance are you from your target? Also, do you have any recommendations for holsters?

    Keep up the good work! Thanks,


    • Glad you liked it. I was shooting about 30 feet away… maybe a little bit more. Not sure about holsters… I need to find a good source for some.


  • Adam

    Looks very interesting defiantly something i would try i have 2 questions for ya please, would you recommend the tactical one or the regular one? and where would be a good place to buy it new?


    • I like both for different reasons… I like the standard one for the open sights and I like the tactical one for the added velocity.. As for buying them, take a look at



  • Adam

    Also is it alright to leave the CO2 in and fully loaded at all times? or should I take them out when im done using the gun?

    • I’d shoot out the excess c02 and leave it unloaded..


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