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Crosman T4-Opts with Red-Dot Scope and Light

Well, I know it has been about a month since my last article, but I’ve been real busy with my “real” job. Believe me, I’d rather be shooting and writing about air guns all day! The good news is that I’ve got 3 reviews ready for the site, so stay tuned.

We are going to start out with the Crosman T4-Opts with Red-Dot Scope and Light. (I want to send a special THANK YOU to Crosman for sending us this pistol to review.) The first thing you will notice about this pistol is just how nice it feels in your hands. All the accessories make it a little heavy and the trigger pull takes some getting used to, but it certainly lived up to my expectations.


As you can see from the photo above, the pistol comes with a lot of goodies. While the Red-Dot scope is a little small for my liking, the flashlight is great. Also, the pistol comes with a unique loading “clip” for the CO2 and a small 8 shot cylinder that holds either pellets or bbs. For this review, we will only be using pellets. The next several photos will show how you load the pistol. Then we’ll get to the good stuff, how this thing shoots!

First you load the CO2 in the bottom clip and slide it in the pistol’s grip.

With the clip installed, the back of the grip opens and
acts as a lever to engage the CO2 cartridge.

Once the grip is closed we are ready to load the pellet cylinder.

As I mentioned above, the cylinder can old either pellets or bbs.
The pistol ships with two cylinders.

There is a sliding cover that opens with a spring-loaded lever on the opposite side
of the pistol. It is in the same position where you’d normally find the slide lock.

Notice the small lever above the grip? Pulling this down will open the cover.

With the cover open, the cylinder simply drops into place.

The back slide mimics the cocking of a semi-automatic pistol. By pulling back
the “slide” you close the cover and lock the cylinder into place.

Fully charged and loaded. Now we can do some shooting!

When it came to shooting the T4, we had a few initial problems but we managed to get them sorted out. The Red-Dot scope would not come into alignment so it took some playing with the rail mounts to get them straight enough. To make a long story short, the molding for this set of rails was off. Also, with the rail system on the pistol, you have to use the Red-Dot scope because it covers up the front sight. When I was trying to resolve the first problem, I removed all the “goodies” and shot the gun in its bare form. It shot VERY well, so I knew that once the issues were resolved, I’d have a decent shooting pistol.

It did not take long to find the right pellet for this pistol. I shot several Crosman pellets, from premium wadcutters, to Hollow Point Premiers, and finally settled on the Crosman Pointed pellets. They seemed to produce the best groups. The velocity was on par for this class of pistol. When shooting any repeating CO2 airgun, remember to wait several seconds between shots or you will see velocity drop off significantly as shown below.

Here is what I got from my Chronograph:
High – 376, Low – 338, Average – 355, Difference – 38

8, not the normal 5, shots from 20′ using a predator shooing rest.
Notice the top group shot earlier with different pellets.

In summary, the T4-Opts was a really fun pistol to review. It is a great plinking pistol, and with some practice, can produce some exceptional groups. Each CO2 cartridge produced about 48 solid shots before it started to drop off. We had some problems with getting the Red-Dot scope on target, and would ask Crosman to double check the alignment on their rails. The gun retails for about $140 to $180 depending on the site. At $140 it may be a nice air gun to have around, but $180 is more than I would want to spend. While it is underpowered for anything other than target practice, the stiff double action trigger will help train your pistol hand to be steady. Being more of a purist, I may rather just want the T4 without all the accessories. Maybe Crosman will send us one to review as well.

Next we look at the Crosman Sniper 38 Soft Air Rifle. It will be my first extended look at a Soft Air rifle and I’m eager to see what all the buzz is about!

Written By,
Rick Eutsler
Editor / Owner
Copyright 2007 & Dog River Design, LLC.

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