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Crossman 1077 Final Look….. maybe

Well it has taken a little longer than I wanted to complete the last part of this review. My expectations for this rifle were high and my hope was that it would be a decent rifle for back yard plinking and some light pest control. After the last few days, I’ve had to reduce those expectations to only plinking and that at only 10 yards.

Crosman 1066 groupI managed some decent groups at 10 yards, most keeping in the 1/2 inch range, but as we moved back those groups really opened up. Also, I ran into several problems with the extended testing of this rifle. The first was trying to mount a scope. We tried about 4 different combinations before we found one that would work. Most would not adjust high enough. If you plan to mount your favorite scope on this rifle, you should probably invest in some adjustable rings. I managed to get my BSA 4×32 scope with BSA medium mounts working for our shooting tests today.

Before I started I decided to run some pellets through our new chronograph. Perhaps my biggest disappointment was here. I was only able to get 320 to 400 fps from this rifle, regardless of pellet type and weight. In fact the lightest pellet, Daisy Precision Field Point a 6.8 -> 7.0 gn, barely got over 200 FPS. The Crosman wadcutters, 7.5 gn, seemed to produce the most consistent shot pattern and averaged 330ish FPS. Now this rifle states that its maximum FPS is 625. I was expecting 500ish FPS, but to only get in the low 300’s was a real disappointment, reducing the usefulness to paper targets at 10 yards. What was more confusing was the fact that every once in a while the FPS would jump for a couple of shots and then go back to “normal.” I’ve spoken to one repair person who has stated that this is NOT normal, so I’m considering sending the rifle off to be looked at.

Crosman 1066 groupTo summarize, the Crosman 1077 is a neat little rifle and great for younger shooters because it is light and quiet. The price is right for just about anyone, and if you want to setup a 10 meter range in your basement, you can shoot better than 1/2 groups all day long. It never jammed or misfired, but it also did not achieve anywhere near its 625 FPS potential. The trigger is a little rough because it manipulates the rotating “clip” to advance the next pellet, but it is predictable so it is easy to get used to. The accuracy is there, if you can get reliable, stable, pressure. I really have to assume that the rifle that I received has a problem. So I’m going to reserve my FINAL opinion until I get it back from being repaired.

Written By,
Rick Eutsler AKA: AirHead
Editor / Owner
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  • pbelkin780

    Great Review as I stated before I have a 1077 with the black syntheic stock. I is not much fun past 10 yards. And after about 60 shots or maybe even less You start to have pellets bounce off of pop cans and cardboard. It is not a hunting rifle at all unless I guess it was a small bird or rat or mouse and very close range probaly like 5-10 yards max.

  • birdmove

    Thanks,Rick, for fixing my logging in problem!!
    As I mentioned to you in my email, I ordered a Crosman 1077 co2 repeating rifle as you tested here in your blog.I do think your test gun had a defect with those very low velocities you got.I’m hoping you might test another one and give the gun another chance. I do know of other owners that are getting 1/2″ 25 yard groups regularly from a bench, and I’m hoping mine will do likewise.
    I’ve read what I can find about the gun, and there have been a fair number of problems with gas leaks.But maybe these owners haven’t been putting a drop of the Pellgunoil on the cartridges as they put them in the gun(??).I tend to like to experiment for handloads in powder guns, and will be trying various pellets in this gun when I get it.I’m going to stick with the small co2 cartridges and take my time shooting.I hear, when you really rapid fire this gun,your velocity will drop ruining accuracy.
    Anyway, thanks for the very prompt fix mentioned above, and I’ll be hanging around this very cool blog and reading (and watching the videos) of your tests and other articles.I’m a rooky at airguns, but have been shooting powder guns for about 45 years and done some long range mettalic handgun competition, and some very fun bowling pin matches too.

    Take care, Jon

  • Jon,

    I’m glad that you got into the site. I’ve got the rifle sitting out in the shed. I’ll pull it out and run some pellets through it again just for fun. I need to wait for some warmer weather. I bet it would be a good indoor basement gun as long as you had a good trap.

    Thanks for the post.


  • birdmove

    I’ve had a chance to do some shooting with my 1077 with Centerpoint 4×32 scope.Its been cold, which is hard on this 55 year old shooter, and not the best for a CO2 gun.I’m shooting from a table and small portable bench rest at a measured 39 feet/13 yards.So far I’m just trying out various pellets to find some promising candidates for best accuracy.I had hopes for the RWS Hobby, as someone suggested I try that one, but it’s not doing the job in my gun.I got an assortment of Gamo pellets,the RWS Hobby,Beeman Silver Bear,Beeman Laser Sport,and Crosman Premier wadcutters.So far, the best have been the Crosman Premier,Gamo Match wadcutters,Gamo Masterpoints, and the Beeman Silver Bears, in order of best to worst.I’ve had some nice groups, but many spoiled by one stinking flyer!!The only “perfect” group was with the Crosman Premiers, and it is about 1/2 inch-that’s total size outside to outside, and not subtracting the .177 size for the pellet diameter.I have one great 4-shot group with the Gamo Masterpoints that is right at 1/4 inch, and that’s also outside measurements, but that has a 5th shot flyer that ruined it!!
    The 1077 functions well, but that trigger!!I keep running out of breath trying to squeeze that trigger, and have to stop the squeeze and take another breath, and then continue.I found out that if you stop the trigger squeeze, and then let off on the trigger, that the clip will then skip one round (or hole in the clip) when you restart the squeeze, so thats when I learned to just stop the squeeze but don’t let up on the trigger,take another breath, and then continue.I can’t speak to velocity, as I don’t have a chronograph.
    I’m hoping to pick 4-5 decent pellets for this gun, and then when the weather warms up, I’ll try to get better groups with less flyers. In the cold it’s just to hard not to rush the shots.I’ll try to shoot at 25 yards if I have the room, and hope the groups don’t open up too much at the longer distance.My 4×32 scope may limit things a bit too.I’d like to try a higher power scope. But then this gun isn’t know to be a tack driver, and as a repeater, wasn’t really designed for that kind of accuracy.But its fun to shoot, and lets me keep my skills (or lack of!!) shooting right in my own back yard.
    Take care, Jon in Puyallup, Wa.

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