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Crossman 1077 Final Look….. maybe

Well it has taken a little longer than I wanted to complete the last part of this review. My expectations for this rifle were high and my hope was that it would be a decent rifle for back yard plinking and some light pest control. After the last few days, I’ve had to reduce those expectations to only plinking and that at only 10 yards.

Crosman 1066 groupI managed some decent groups at 10 yards, most keeping in the 1/2 inch range, but as we moved back those groups really opened up. Also, I ran into several problems with the extended testing of this rifle. The first was trying to mount a scope. We tried about 4 different combinations before we found one that would work. Most would not adjust high enough. If you plan to mount your favorite scope on this rifle, you should probably invest in some adjustable rings. I managed to get my BSA 4×32 scope with BSA medium mounts working for our shooting tests today.

Before I started I decided to run some pellets through our new chronograph. Perhaps my biggest disappointment was here. I was only able to get 320 to 400 fps from this rifle, regardless of pellet type and weight. In fact the lightest pellet, Daisy Precision Field Point a 6.8 -> 7.0 gn, barely got over 200 FPS. The Crosman wadcutters, 7.5 gn, seemed to produce the most consistent shot pattern and averaged 330ish FPS. Now this rifle states that its maximum FPS is 625. I was expecting 500ish FPS, but to only get in the low 300’s was a real disappointment, reducing the usefulness to paper targets at 10 yards. What was more confusing was the fact that every once in a while the FPS would jump for a couple of shots and then go back to “normal.” I’ve spoken to one repair person who has stated that this is NOT normal, so I’m considering sending the rifle off to be looked at.

Crosman 1066 groupTo summarize, the Crosman 1077 is a neat little rifle and great for younger shooters because it is light and quiet. The price is right for just about anyone, and if you want to setup a 10 meter range in your basement, you can shoot better than 1/2 groups all day long. It never jammed or misfired, but it also did not achieve anywhere near its 625 FPS potential. The trigger is a little rough because it manipulates the rotating “clip” to advance the next pellet, but it is predictable so it is easy to get used to. The accuracy is there, if you can get reliable, stable, pressure. I really have to assume that the rifle that I received has a problem. So I’m going to reserve my FINAL opinion until I get it back from being repaired.

Written By,
Rick Eutsler AKA: AirHead
Editor / Owner
Copyright 2007, Dog River Design, LLC – All Rights Reserved.

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