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Ok, so here we are again.  Yet another video review!  I’ve had so much fun with these video reviews that I’m putting more resources aside to do more.  This review looks at the Daisy 22 SG rifle.  I was totally unfamiliar with this rifle until I read some reviews and I knew that I had to try one out.  In fact I was so convinced that I actually purchased this rather than waiting for my contact at Daisy to send me one!  I’ve had a few friends shoot this rifle and it is always a challenge to get it back from them.  The velocity is not quite as high as I’d like to see, but the accuracy is really great for a $95 rifle.

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  • VerminatorSA

    Great review on a great rifle. I will have to put mine on a chrony and see what kind of numbers I get. Like you said, lots of steel and wood. The plastic handle flexes a bit around 10 pumps, and I believe after about 15 pumps it does not want to lock in place. Other than that, the rifle is solid. I accidentally dropped my garage door on it, which left a large scratch on the barrel and upper stock. I gave the gun up for dead, but about a month ago I resurrected it and it seems to be shooting just fine, considering what it went through. I may have to re-scope it.

    Another quality comparison note…the pump piston is very well constructed, using metal, and the proper washers for sealing. My Crosman 1322, uses a cheap plastic pump piston, which almost everyone replaces. All in all, it is a decent rifle for the $$.

  • Hello again!

    I’m glad to see your comments yet again on the site. I just got an email from Daisy with some really disappointing news 🙁 . They are no longer offering the 22 SG! Also, they told me that they built the rifle to be accurate at 10 yards so the fact that I was getting decent groups at 15 yards and hit 3 out of 5 at 25 yards on “Harold” really says something about the little rifle. I’ll try to keep mine away from garage doors.


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