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First Look – Crosman TR77 .177 cal

Hello Airgunweb Fans!

There are a lot of folks looking for that inexpensive airgun for the holidays.  I’m currently testing the Crosman TR77 and wanted to share the OHAT performance overview with you.

Crosman TR77 in .177 Caliber - with Leapers UTG 3-12x40 AO, MD, IR Scope and Accushot Rings

Crosman TR77 in .177 Caliber – with Leapers UTG 3-12×40 AO, MD, IR Scope and Accushot Rings

This gun NEEDS a new scope out of the box.. The factory scope is virtually unusable at 10 yards and under.    I would recommend the Leapers / UTG 3-12x40AO with a set of high 11mm heavy duty 1 or 2 piece mounts.  Also, the trigger is about as bad as they come.  Hard, not smooth, tons of hitches in the 2nd stage, it’s really anybody’s guess as to when the gun will fire as you pull through the 2nd stage.  BUT even with all that said, it feels amazing.  It is a great starter gun for anyone looking to not spend a lot of money upfront and have room to grow.

Remember PyramydAir’s 10 for $10 and 10 for $20 services.  If you have a gun that’s bundled with a scope and you’re getting an upgraded scope and rings, make sure you enter “please install and mount the upgraded scope” in the order notes.  Also, make sure to get the right mounts for the job.  It’s easy to forget that step.

This product is configured as follows:

  1. Crosman TR77 Air Rifle Combo
  2. Leapers UTG 3-12×40 AO, MD, IR scope
  3. Leapers Accushot 1″ Rings, High, 9.5-11.5mm Dovetail

The full review of this product will be out soon.



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