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Gamo CFX Tactical

Written By,
Rick Eutsler
Editor / Owner

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I’ve been shooting airguns “full time” now for about 4 years.  I’m still a baby compared to icons like Tom Gaylord, but even as an airgun “youngster” I was drawn to the Gamo CFX rifle.  I finally got my chance to put one through its paces last year and I’m very happy to have the opportunity to write this review.

With the current “arms race” amongst vendors it is easy to overlook some of the more important aspects of airgunning.  The most critical being ACCURACY followed by FUN.  Fortunately there are still some airguns out there that have not forgotten what the sport is all about and the Gamo CFX is one such rifle.

Gamo CFX Tacitcal

The Gamo CFX used to come in several configurations.  I was fortunate enough to get my CFX in the “Tactical” kit and I really hope after this article that Gamo at least considers bringing it back.  Currently the only configuration is the CFX Combo (Source: which comes with the rifle and a 4×32 scope.  The CFX Tactical differs from the standard CFX Combo in that it included a vastly upgraded scope, knock down target, safety glasses, ammo pouch, and some PBA ammo.  That is a lot of product for only $276, but alas it has been discontinued.  The base rifle remains the same however so I’ll move on.

Gamo CFX Tactical Stock - 1

Gamo CFX Tactical Stock - 2

The Gamo CFX comes in a composite stock that works equally well for right and left handed shooters.  The stock boasts nice checkering and has some rubber inserts for helping grip the forearm.  The stock feels a little long for me, but not too long.  It is still manageable and not overly heavy, albeit much heavier than say my Gamo Whisper CSI or Gamo SOCOM Tactical.

Gamo CFX Tactical Rear Sight

Gamo CFX Tactical Front Sight

The CFX comes with Gamo’s standard fiber optic sights and front metal globe.  For those who would rather shoot without a scope, you’ll enjoy the contrasting colors of red and green along with the outline of the front globe to help you get on target quickly and accurately.  If you’d rather use a scope, the Tactical Combo came with a BSA 3-9×40 AO, MD scope that is just gorgeous.  I’ve been a fan of BSA optics since my first Gamo Hunter 440.  Clear and with a surprisingly accurate AO adjustment, you can trust the scope to put the pellet on target every time.  Unlike many other Gamo scope packages, this scope had a range estimating reticule which is a really important feature on an airgun scope.

Gamo CFX Tactical Scope - 1

Gamo CFX Tactical - Scope 2

Another feature of the CFX is Gamo’s new and “improved” trigger.  This seems to me to be the same trigger, just in plastic this time.  It also prevents you from upgrading to the GRT III Trigger which is FAR superior and a favorite DIY upgrade for Gamo gun owners.  I’m not sure of Gamo’s logic here, but if they really want to improve their trigger they should talk to the shooting public and build something that actually IS improved.  In front of the trigger is the standard Gamo manual safety.  I like this design better than the automatic safety.  The trigger does seem a bit smoother, but it still has a long 2nd stage which just kills accuracy on the bench.

Gamo CFX Tactical Trigger

In loading and shooting, the CFX differs from virtually every other rifle offered by Gamo in that it is an underlever rifle versus a standard breakbarrel.  The main advantage to this design is that you never move the barrel to cock the rifle.  Mechanically this is just better for accuracy.  In order to cock the gun you pull down on the under lever until the spring locks in place.  You then return it to the locked position under the muzzle of the gun.  One cocked, you can rotate the breach and insert your pellet.  Close the breach and the gun is ready to fire.

Gamo CFX Tactical Underlever Cocking Arm

Gamo CFX Tactical Rotating Breach

Gamo touts the CFX as a 1000 FPS rifle with lead pellets and 1200 FPS with their PBA lead free ammo.  I found it to be about a 900 FPS rifle using RWS Hobby Pellets which are light lead pellets at 7.0 grn.  When using standard weight pellets, the velocity drops further.  The best pellet that I found was the H & N Field Target Trophy.

  • The H&N Trophy pellets weigh 8.64 grn., average of 780 FPS, yield 11.68 ftlbs of force at the muzzle, and delivered dime sized groups at 20 yards (not bad in my book!).
  • Because Gamo pushes them so much, I also tested their light weight, lead free PBA ammo.  Usually this ammo is very unreliable past 10 yards, but I gave them a try anyway.  They shot surprisingly well and turned out to be our 2nd best pellet in my CFX.  At only 5.4 grn., they flew at an average of 1034 FPS (well short of 1200 FPS), and delivered 15.31 ftlbs.  Because they stayed just under the sound barrier, they did not tumble as they so often do in other guns.  At 20 yards they delivered sub 3/4” groups.  It was a tossup between the next two pellets.
  • Gamo’s new Red Fire pellets, weigh in at 8.13 grn., travel an average of 840 FPS, and yield 12.74 ftlbs.
  • The Beeman Crow Magnums weigh in at 8.8 grn., travel an average of 842 FPS, and yield 13.86 ftlbs.

Gamo CFX Tactical Shot Card

Gamo CFX Tactical H&N Field Target Trophy Shot Card

I really wish Gamo (or someone else) would bring back the “Tactical” kit version of this gun, but not having that available won’t stop me from recommending the CFX as a really great option for all day plinking and light pest control inside 25 yards.  The CFX is really fun to shoot, hits what you’re aiming at, and does it all with style.  Gamo needs to go back to the drawing board with the trigger and stop playing the marketing game by simply putting “improved” on the box however.  At $230 (at the CFX Combo with 4×32 scope is something to consider, but you’ll want to plan on replacing the scope at some point.  I’d look at a Leapers 3-9×40 AO, MD, IR scope combined with an Accushot 1 piece medium mount.  This will add about $80 or $90 to the $230 base price, but you’ll have one nice shooting rifle in the end.

Written By, Rick Eutsler
Editor / Owner
Copyright 2009, Dog River Design, LLC – All Rights Reserved.

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