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Gamo SWARM Airgun Review

Gamo changes the Game BIG TIME! – Gamo SWARM Multi-Shot Breakbarrel that Really Works!

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About this Video:
The Gamo SWARM Maxxim arrived this year and changed everything.  Breakbarrel rifles are great because they produce a ton of power with only one cock of the barrel.  No CO2 to buy, no need for expensive or complicated HPA, SCUBA, or SCBA systems.  Just one cock, load the pellet and take your shot.  The ONLY draw back has been that one shot at a time deal.  Not anymore.  The new Gamo SWARM incorporates a multi-shot magazine that automatically indexes and loads the next shot into the breach when you cock the barrel.  No more fumbling for the next pellet.  Gamo completely changed the game!

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