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Gamo Varmint Hunter – Part 2 on HOLD

Hello again. I was hoping to bring you a dynamite story about the upgraded Gamo Varmint Hunter, but that is going to have to wait. The plan was to install a new scope, GRT III trigger, and an Air Venturi gas spring, but things went south right off the bat.

My assumption that the light and laser would work on other scopes was just dead wrong! I’m sorry for not verifying my facts before putting them out there. I’ll make a real effort to NOT do that again. I did manage to find a scope that would work and meet 2 out of 3 wants that I had. I wanted a scope that was at least a 3×9, had mil-dot cross hairs, and was AO. Well I was able to get the mil-dot and adjustable power, but not the AO. While the laser and light will technically fit on a 40mm objective, on every scope I had at my disposal, there was not enough room for the scope mount. I may have been able to get away with some really thin mounts, but none had a stop pin for the rear mount so that was a no go. Anyway, I managed to get a Crosman 3×9 airgun scope to work ok.. at least for now.

The next project was to upgrade the spring and was where I ran into the lions share of the problems. First of all let me say that if you are not REALLY mechanically inclined then you should not attempt the disassembly of your air rifle. Please leave it to the professionals. If you do decide to tackle the job, please, PLEASE make sure that you have the right tools and you take all the proper precautions. It is not worth getting injured to have your gun shoot an extra 50 fps. In anticipation of eventually doing my own tune ups, I purchased a B Square spring compressor from and it works really well. Just buy it and save yourself the headache and frustration of trying to do the job without it.

Ok, so I did the basic dismantling of the rifle and found some really disturbing things. The main spring was really bent, the compression seal had a huge notch in it, and the set screw holding on the scope riser was protruding into the chamber and was the probable cause of the damaged seal. I was really shocked to see all this in a new gun.

varmint hunter issues
Bent main spring

varmint hunter issues
Badly Damaged Main Seal

varmint hunter issues
Scope Riser Screw not flush with the inside of the rifle and protruding into the chamber.

Well seeing as I needed the practice, I proceeded anyway. I thoroughly cleaned the compression chamber and reassembled the rifle using Beeman’s m2m paste and the Air Venturi gas ram. I also installed the GRT III trigger while the gun was in pieces. Once assembled I could not believe the difference in cocking. It was smooth as silk and the recoil was reduced and very different from a standard spring. It is hard to describe but it was really nice.

Unfortunately that is about as far as I’ve gotten. The potential is there to make a really nice rifle, but with the damaged seal, that is out the door for now. There are a few other things that you need to know before you attempt such an endeavor. Once you take the rifle apart your warranty goes out the window. If you are not “OK” with the possibility of a pile of spare airgun parts, than leave the upgrading and tuning to professionals! When you start this process you need to know that you are totally on your own.

I contacted PyramydAir about getting some spare parts so I can do the necessary repairs and get back on track and they don’t carry any. I took their advice and contacted Gamo and I received an email and a contact person to help me get this resolved. From their email, they are very eager to 1. find out why this rifle was in such bad shape, and 2. make every attempt to get it resolved as quickly as possible. In my book, that is definitely the right position for them to take. I guess we’ll see where this goes from here.

Since the Gamo Varmint Hunter is going to the back burner for now, I’ll move on to a couple of Benjamin products that we’ve recently got in, the Discovery and the old and proven Blue Streak, so please check soon.

Written By,
Rick Eutsler
Editor / Owner
Copyright 2008 & Dog River Design, LLC.

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