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Gamo’s new CFR Whisper Combo

Ok.. let me just say this right now.. Run.. Don’t walk to your computer and just get one.  In fact, here’s the link: To Order your Gamo CFR Click here! Read more to know why!

Gamo CFR Whisper - First Look

Gamo CFR Whisper – First Look

When I first took the CFR out of the box I was very UNPLEASANTLY surprised.  It felt like a cheap copy of the CFX that I’ve grown to love and respect.   It was clunky and felt rough to operate.  BUT, knowing that all spring guns take a little time, I started shooting some pellets down range.  After about 50 shots or so the roughness started to smooth out and the rifle settled down.


Gamo CFR Whisper - Adjustable Cheek Piece

Gamo CFR Whisper – Adjustable Cheek Piece

The rifle is really a “mashup” of several guns; The SOCOM Tactical, The CFX, and of course the Gamo Whisper.  I’m not sure where the pistol grip came into play, but it is a great fit for this rifle.  This rifle has the normal Gamo fiber optic sights with the rear sight being fully adjustable.

Gamo CFR Whisper - Front Sight and NDS

Gamo CFR Whisper – Front Sight and NDS

Gamo CFR Whisper - Fully Adjustable Rear Fiber Optic Sight

Gamo CFR Whisper – Fully Adjustable Rear Fiber Optic Sight

Gamo’s bundled scope was a cheap 4×32 scope that had noticeable distortion and was an insult to this gun’t potential.  I tossed it and added a Leapers 4-16×40 MD, IR, AO scope.  What a difference.  Of couse I always have to run into at least one snag and this was it.  My CFR had noticeable barrel droop.  That was quickly handled by shimming the rear rest and I was back in business.

Gamo CFR Whisper - With Mounted Leapers 4-16x40 AO, MD, IR Scope

Gamo CFR Whisper – With Mounted Leapers 4-16×40 AO, MD, IR Scope

Being that the rifle was a fixed barrel design like the CFX, I expected good accuracy and I was not disappointed.  Before we get there, let me mention the trigger.  The trigger is still Gamo’s “new” trigger which is much smoother than Crosman’s counterpart, but still has a very long 2nd stage.  Too long really.  Gamo does this for liability reasons and really who can blame them.  There are options out there if you really want a better trigger and then the liability is on you.  Just a note, the adjustment in the rear of the trigger adjusts the length of the 2nd stage.  IF the screw were LONGER, you could reduce the length 2nd stage down to something more reasonable.  Again, liability and safety issues are why Gamo doesn’t do this already.

I tossed the “PBA Platinum Pellets” aside and went straight to a pellet that worked wonders in my CFX, the Gamo Red Fires.  What a dream to see each pellet hit one after the other almost tearing a perfect hole in the bullseye.  The shots bellow were from 10 yards and shot indoors.

Gamo CFR Whisper - Red Fire Pellets, 10 Yards, .137" CTC

Gamo CFR Whisper – Red Fire Pellets, 10 Yards, .137″ CTC

Velocity with the CFR is less than the rest of Gamo’s line up.  That is just fine with me.  With its accuracy and an average of 848 FPS equaling 12.98 ft-lbs (with the Gamo Red Fire pellets) anything inside 20 yards would have a very short life expectancy.  I achieved a tiny .137″ CTC 5 shot group at 10 yards.

Gamo needs to do a few things to make this gun a little better.

  1. Stop shipping that crappy PBA ammo.. Ship it with Red Fire pellets that can do the job
  2. Smooth out some of the rough edges before shipping.. I shouldn’t have to waste 200 or 300 pellets for the gun to stop feeling “crunchy.”  A $300 dollar gun should not start out feeling like an $80 Wal-Mart special.
  3. Include a decent scope.  BSA makes some nice variable powered scopes with AO and Mil-Dot features.  Include one of those with the CFR and not a disposable 4×32.
  4. Lastly, how about an IGT version with just a touch more power?

Despite my above wish list.. I’m in love with the CFR.  Like Goldilocks and the three bears.. Not to hard, not to soft, just right.  We will have a more in depth look at the CFR coming up next month!

Until then, Thank you reading.

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