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Gamo’s New pellets fall short on accuracy.

Do you all remember the “new coke?”  Frankly I thought the old Coke was just fine the way it was.  Well, very quietly, last year Gamo re-tooled and subsequently redesigned their pellet manufacturing.   The first batch of pellets that left the factory were horrible.. cast lines, some pellets actually had “wings” where the two halves met.  They were terrible.  Take a look at the photos below:

"Old" Gamo Hunter Pellets

These are the “old” Gamo Hunter pellets.. pretty ugly, but uniformly so…

"New" Gamo Hunter Pellets

These are the “new” Gamo hunter pellets.. Notice the horrible casting lines.

I finally got a call back from Gamo explaining that there were issues in the retooling and that some bad batches shipped out.. No kidding..   So Gamo agreed to send me a fresh supply of the “corrected” pellets.  I patiently waited for them to arrive.

Well they came in about 2 weeks ago and I’ve been working with them on and off since.  Much to my disappointment, the “fixed” pellets are just a cleaner version of the “new” design. See the photos below:

"Fixed" New Gamo Hunter pellet

The highly noticeable cast lines are gone and while cleaner, they are not the original.

Original Gamo Hunter pellet

As you can see, the new pellets are NOT the same as the old Gamo Hunters.

Now all of this would be a “much of a muchness,” as my South African wife would say, if they were as accurate or more accurate than the original pellets.   But like “new Coke,” they are just not as good as the real thing.

For the shot tests below I used a Gamo CO2 Extreme shooting at 10 yards.  I used the CO2 extreme because it is very accurate and being that it is not a spring gun, recoil issues would not play a role in our accuracy tests.  The original Hunter Pellets shot a nice, respectable .334 CTC group from a rest.  See photo below:

Original Gamo Hunters - Shot results at 10 yards with Gamo CO2 Extreme

The Original Gamo Hunters gave me a .334 CTC grouping at 10 yards.

While not match accuracy, I’m happy with those results.  When I moved over to the “new” Gamo hunters I had very different results.  I used the same position, same conditions, same rifle, the only thing different was the pellet.   The groups opened way up.  the best group I got was a unimpressive .775 CTC at 10 yards.  I’m not a math major, but if it opens up by over .5″ at 10 yards, what will it be at 20?  See the photo below:

"New" Gamo Hunter Pellets 10 yard grouping

A .775 CTC at 10 yards is really unimpressive when the original Gamo Hunter Pellets shot a .334 CTC group from the same distance.

So what do we do now?  Well, my hope is that enough folks let Gamo know that we want the old pellets back and they return to the old style pellets.  If not, we’ll just move to another brand like JSB, Crosman, H&N, or RWS.  Don’t get me wrong, I respect Gamo as a company and understand that they need to earn a profit as much as I need (and want) to earn a pay check.  But, I think they did a little switcharoo here and I don’t think that is right to do to your customer base.

If you are concerned that you’ve purchased pellets that were not what you were expecting, call Gamo at 954-581-5822 and let them know.  You can give them the link to my website and they can see the article or contact me with questions.  In the end the Customer is always right, or they should be.

Keeping it honest, Keeping it Real..

Rick Eutsler

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