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Inovairtech, LLC.’s First public preview of their NEW MAC35 .357 Big Bore Airgun

It’s an amazing opportunity to be part of something as innovative as the new MAC35 by Inovairtech, LLC.  It represents 20 years of effort from President and inventor David Priestley who’s been hunting with airguns for some 40 years.   The heart of the MAC35 rifle is the MAC (Magnum Air Cartridge).  This patented technology carries it’s own charge of air that’s completely exhausted on every shot.  Not to worry though, because the MAC is refillable.  You can carry as many rounds with you as you like and just refill them when you get back to your base of operations.  Since each cartridge is pressurized to basically the same pressure, each shot is consistent one to the next.  This is not what you would normally get from big bore airguns that lose pressure from shot to shot.  The .357 MAC35 can propel a wide range of ammunition down range;  from 80 grain JSB match grain pellets, to 130 grain 9mm bullets.  Maximum output is currently around 120 foot pounds and will depend on fill pressure and choice of ammunition.

The MAC35 was received with great enthusiasm from everyone who got the chance to pull the trigger.  In fact, some folks had a hard time sharing!  We were using a 235 bar steel scuba tank to fill the MAC cartridges to around 3400 psi +/-.  We shot for several hours and were still above 3200 psi in the tank by the end of the event.

For more information and pricing, visit  You can also keep up to date via Facebook and Twitter

Here are some photos from the event:

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