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Inovairtech, LLC.’s First public preview of their NEW MAC35 .357 Big Bore Airgun

It’s an amazing opportunity to be part of something as innovative as the new MAC35 by Inovairtech, LLC.  It represents 20 years of effort from President and inventor David Priestley who’s been hunting with airguns for some 40 years.   The heart of the MAC35 rifle is the MAC (Magnum Air Cartridge).  This patented technology carries it’s own charge of air that’s completely exhausted on every shot.  Not to worry though, because the MAC is refillable.  You can carry as many rounds with you as you like and just refill them when you get back to your base of operations.  Since each cartridge is pressurized to basically the same pressure, each shot is consistent one to the next.  This is not what you would normally get from big bore airguns that lose pressure from shot to shot.  The .357 MAC35 can propel a wide range of ammunition down range;  from 80 grain JSB match grain pellets, to 130 grain 9mm bullets.  Maximum output is currently around 120 foot pounds and will depend on fill pressure and choice of ammunition.

The MAC35 was received with great enthusiasm from everyone who got the chance to pull the trigger.  In fact, some folks had a hard time sharing!  We were using a 235 bar steel scuba tank to fill the MAC cartridges to around 3400 psi +/-.  We shot for several hours and were still above 3200 psi in the tank by the end of the event.

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Here are some photos from the event:

  • jerky trigger

    I test shot the .357 caliber Mac and the gun was amazing though I never hit the target because the gun wasn’t sighted in. The gun is quite, no recoil, and looks great. The Mac cartridge concept sold me on the gun. The things I didnt like about it was that it seemed a little heavy, the bolt didnt pick up the cartridge every time and the clip 4+1 gun wasn’t ready then. I decided to buy the MAC 35 with the 4 + 1 clip with and paid the $1200 for the gun. On their website is says that they are 28 to get the guns out to customers, well a month and a half later and still waiting I worried that I wasn’t going to get my gun and inovairtech had my money still. I also didnt grasped the idea that the gun still had things “kinks” that needed worked out and their distributors were taking their time getting the different parts of the rifle back to them. Long story short I was excited so much to get the gun I waited almost two months for my gun and finally I asked for a refund and they did immediately. I honestly would of waited to order if I knew that this gun was not built yet like the other guns they have plans on building later. I would order a gun but I wouldn’t unless they actually had one on hand and it was 100%. So if you are thinking about buying the newer guns then I would definitely ask a lot of questions first. As far as the single shot guns, I think those, you can get way quicker. I just dont like the idea having to load another cartridge every time I take a shot so I wanted the 4+1 clipped gun.

    These guns are amazing and I still want one, but I felt like the Guinea pig with this rifle. Go shoot one and I am sure you will be sold as I was, but I would wait till the guns are ready for shipment.

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