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Leapers 3x9x40 AO Lighted Recticule (Red / Green)

Hello again from!

Well we are in a holding pattern waiting for some new products to come in.  In the mean time I wanted to update you all.  A while back I mentioned that up to this point we had been purchasing our own products for review.  After receiving some encouragement to contact vendors and manufactures as well as some direct help from others in the industry, we have signed up 2 major dealers and 1 manufacturer.  We will be receiving our first shipment of products THIS WEEK!  The good news is that we will have plenty of products to review for the foreseeable future.  I want to assure all our readers that we will continue to write honest and thorough reviews.

While we are waiting for our first shipment, I wanted to pass along a revew sent in by Jerry L, one of our active readers.  It just so happens that he has the same scope as I do, the Leapers Model # LESCP394 AOMDLTS.

********** Leapers Review from JerryL **********

The scope I bought was a Leapers Mod # LESCP394 AOMDLTS 5th Generation 3 – 9 X 40  Mil Dot AO Lighted Reticule Red  & Green and Range Finder. I bought the Scope from Pyramyd Air , Since They are in Ohio and so Tax had to be paid.  With Tax and Shipping the scope was $ 75.00. It was delivered in great shape and packed very well.

Leapers Scope from

I first set the scope up on the QB 79 ( CO2 ) I had at that time. I only fired it indoors and at 32 feet. It was quick to sight in and worked very well. The optics are Very clear and bright and sharp as are the cross hairs.  The Red / Green reticule worked very well and the intensity could be adjusted over a dim to bright range.  The AO worked from about 22 feet out to the 32 ft I was shooting at. The 3 – 9 power also was very nice.

I sold the QB 79 and once the weather warmed up in April I mounted the scope on my RWS 34 Springer in .22. As before the scope sighted in quite easy and everything worked well . I now am shooting anywhere from 45 ft out to about 80 ft.  The AO and power setting works great . I don’t use the colored reticule or the range finding Mil Dot. After about 250 – 400 shots through the RWS 34 using the RWS 1 piece adjustable mount I see no problems so far with the scope.  This Model Springer can be a bit hard on scopes.

Leapers Scope Mouted on Rifle

The only thing I do not like is that to adjust the rings you have to use a allen key wrench to lock them and unlock them. This is not a hard feature just something I am not used to versus a twist click or a blade notch type. They do have a re “O” feature that once you are at point of aim and or target you can “O” Zero the ring setting.

If I buy another scope I think I will stay with the Leapers.

Take Care Have Fun Shoot Safe …… JerryL

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