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Mendoza RM-200, Spending time with an old friend…

Today I took some time to visit with an old friend. I try to spend about an hour each day shooting and testing new products, but once in a while I’ll go back and take another look at something from a while back. Today I took out the Mendoza RM200 for a spin.

The last time we looked at the Mendoza RM200 was back in May 2007. While we had a 3x9x40 AO scope mounted for our first tests, I’ve chosen a BSA 4×32 AO scope this time around. Because the average velocity is about 570 FPS, the effective range is really only about 20 yards or so. This BSA scope is really perfect for this range, at least in my opinion.

The really cool thing about this job is the ability to come back and look at things from a new perspective. I learned a bit more about this Mendoza rifle during this shooting session. One of the first things I remembered is why I like it so much. You can start with the fact that it is relatively lightweight, easy to cock, and with the right pellets, extremely accurate.

Sighting in the new scope was a breeze. Not to jump too far off topic, but I was recently asked how I sight in a scope. Well I have a couple of methods to get me on target pretty quick. The fist is to use a spot of sand about 10 to 15 yards away. If you are using a variable powered scope, it is better to back it down to 3x or 4x rather than running at 9x or 12x. This will help you see the impact point if it happens to be way off. By shooting at the sand you can easily see where the pellet hits and then know how to adjust your scope. I’m fortunate to have some sand right in front of a huge pile of top soil, so I’m not concerned with ricochets. If this is not an option, then a large piece of paper at 5 to 10 yards is your next best bet. I just shoot from the shoulder to get close and then do the fine adjustments from the bench. I had the BSA scope on target after about 5 shots at the sand and another 5 from the bench. Please make sure to follow the VERY important rule of “know your target and beyond.”A pellet rifle can cause serious injury or even death if it hits just the right spot. Make sure you are using an appropriate back stop and check it often for sings of wear. I have some rifles, that blast holes through 5/8” plywood. Even a low power air rifle will wear though a spot you hit it enough times. You should see some of my old pellet traps before I bought the heavy duty .22 rimfire trap from

Since I had already researched the best pellet back in May, I knew that I was going to use the RWS Superdomes for my target practice today. Now that I have the scope set it was time to see if I could still hold groups with this little rifle. The Mendoza RM 200 did not disappoint, producing tight groups at 10 and 15 yards. Just about all the RWS “Super” line of pellets work well and the RWS Hobby pellets are also a decent choice, but the Superdomes are still the ones to beat in my book.

I’ve already mentioned some of the stand out features of this rifle, but here are a few more. The Mendoza line of rifles have a unique trigger system. Rather than a mushy “2 stage” trigger, they have two trigger blades. The first trigger pulls easy and when it meets the other half, the actual pull stage starts. It does not take long to adapt to this system, and I wish more manufactures used it. I find the RM200 to have one of the nicest triggers in an entry level rifle.

Mendoza RM-200 double trigger system. There is a little crack in the stock by the trigger guard which is purely cosmetic.

Another feature, and one of the most important for some of my readers, is the price. When it was first released by it was selling for 89.99. Well, they have raised the price to $109.95, which is a real shame in my book. I’m sure that in this business, like every other business, every little bit of profit matters, but I wish they had left this one alone. However, even at $109.95 this rifle is a great buy. You can add a decent scope and have a very nice, all day, accurate, shooter for around $160 or less depending on your scope choice. I believe sells a combo with a BSA 4×32 scope for only $130. Or you could just stick with the open sights, seeing they are great fiber optic sights.

Here are some more features that need hightlighting as well as some more photos:

Mendoza RM-200 Front sight. These sights are so nice that the scope is not necessary unless you want to really wring out every last bit of accuracy from this little rifle.

Rear Sight on the Mendoza RM-200. I wish this was a micro-click adjustable sight, but once it is set, you don’t have to adjust it anymore. The fiber optic inserts really light up in low light conditions.

Here is another nice set of features. An ambidextrous automatic safety and built in scope stop.

Here is another feature I thought to be unique to the Daisy PowerLine 1000SB. Mendoza uses a locking bar to accurately reset the barrel each time the rifle is closed. The next photo shows the “lock” that grabs the bar.

Cross section of the locking mechanism that holds the barrel once closed.

While I’d like to see a little more velocity from this rifle, you really have to consider the purpose. This is not a “hunting” rifle, but rather a simple target rifle or back yard plinker. I averaged about 576 FPS today with the RWS Superdome pellets, which is slightly better than in our first tests and I had about a 11 FPS difference between shots, which is much better than the 32 FPS difference in my first review. It would seem that the RM-200 gets better with age!

RWS Superdome .22 Pellets
High – 580, Low – 569, Average – 576, Difference 11 FPS

What a nice group from the RWS Superdome Pellets. You can get these groups all day with the Mendoza RM-200

With the holidays coming up, you may want to consider the RM-200 for the young shooter in family. Heck, you may want to get one for the old shooter in the family! I have several newer, fancier, more powerful rifles in the growing review arsenal, but the Mendoza RM-200 holds a pretty high spot on my favorites list. If you don’t have one, consider picking one up with some RWS Super Dome pellets. You won’t be disappointed.

Coming up… I’ve got an article showing just how different pellets can group out of the same rifle. I took my new Walther Lever Action .177 CO2 rifle and ran 13 different pellets through it. The results were really surprising and the outstanding pellet may really surprise you! I’ve got the review of the Walther Lever Action Rifle, the Beeman SS1000H dual caliber rifle, and a Gamo CFX copy out of Turkey. So check back often!

Written By,
Rick Eutsler
Editor / Owner
Copyright 2007 & Dog River Design, LLC.

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