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Mendoza RM200 Part 2

This should be the final review on the Mendoza RM200. I have to say that for a $90 rifle, I’m very impressed. On paper this rifle produces 600 FPS. With our new chronograph we were able to confirm an average velocity of 540 FPS using RWS Superdome Pellets.

RWS Superdome 14.5 gr velocity was as follows:
(At the muzzle) High: 561, Low: 529, Average: 540, Difference: 32
With a rifle rated for 600 FPS, to get a 540 average is pretty good in my book,.

At first I was sold on the Logun Penetrators, but when I went to purchase more from Pyramid they were all out. So I started going through all the .22 pellets I could get my hands on to see what else might work. I found the RWS Superdomes to be a perfect choice producing 1/2 or better groups at 20 yards. I found as I backed up beyond 20 yards that the groups really opened up so I would set the useful range at 20 yards.

Mendoza GroupMendoza RM200Mendoza RM200 Group
These groups were shot from 20 yards using a 3x9x40 ao scope and the Dragon Claw Bi-Pod using RWS Superdome Pellets.

For these last groups I made some modifications to my Mendoza RM200 rifle. First off, and this may be just an issue with me and my eyesight, I have a real hard time seeing the target well at 20 yards with only a 4 power scope. I need more magnification, so I installed a 3x9x40 AO scope from Crosman. The croshairs are not as fine as I’d like them, but it is very clear and the AO works well at all distances so I’m happy with it. Next I installed a Dragon Claw Bi-Pod from At only $18 it is a real nice addition to this rifle. Now I’ve heard that using a bi-pod will just ruin any accuracy in a springer, but in my tests I did not find this to be the case with this rifle. In fact I was able to get the same groups at twenty yards that I was getting at 10 yards, as you can see above.

Mendoza RM200 with Bi-PodMendoza RM200 with Bi-Pod
Mendoza RM200 with Bi-PodMendoza RM200 with Bi-Pod
Mensdoza RM200 with Dragon Claw Bi-pod. Notice how you can still cock this rifle with the legs extended.

So hear are my final thoughts on the Mendoza RM200 rifle. For a gun under $90 bucks, you just can’t go wrong. If you are willing to add a decent scope and the bi-pod, you can have a real nail driver at 20 yards.

The pro’s are: light weight, easy cocking, wonderful trigger system, very easy to shoot for the beginner.

On the con side of the scale: the barrel is slightly over-sized so not all pellets will perform well, the low power limits its effective range to 20 yards. I would not consider this rifle for hunting.

More about hunting with the Mendoza RM200. You want to put your pray down with one shot and you want to limit suffering. I don’t think it has the power for hunting beyond 20 yards unless you can guarantee a head shot EVERY time. I’m a decent shot, but a squirrel’s head is pretty small when you’re shooting from the shoulder. But, if you want to plink in the back yard or shoot at paper targets, I can’t see passing this one up.

Written By,
Rick Eutsler AKA: AirHead
Editor / Owner
Copyright 2007, Dog River Design, LLC – All Rights Reserved.

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