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Mendoza RM200 Review

Mendoza RM200 .22 Breakbarrel RifleWe had our first look at the new rifles coming from Mendoza in the RM-200, single shot, break barrel that shoots .22 at 600 fps. First impression is WOW. We’ll share all the particulars as we get to them.

First of all, the rifle came in with a black stock. At first I was not sure if it was composite or not, but I think that it is
painted wood. Either way it is very nice and has a neat textured feel that is easy to grip and use. I thought it must have been composite because the fit was
superb, but it is actually wood. Everything is very tight and finished off very well.

Mendoza RM200 .22 Breakbarrel RifleSome of the neat features of this rifle are:

The only down side…. The ABSOLUTELY
. I recently got a cheap bb gun from
wal-mart that had the SAME adjustment system. Fortunately I mounted a scope which made the sites unnecessary. To there defense, once I did get the sights set they worked well and I was able to shoot 3/4″ groups at 10 meters.

Mendoza RM200 .22 Breakbarrel RifleOnce I had the scope mounted and dialed in, I handed the rifle to my
sister-in-law. She is very new to shooting and this is only her second time shooting a springer rifle. From a seated position, shooting from a table (just using her elbow to balance the rifle), she shot a group between 3/8″ and 1/2″ at 10 meters. That is my wedding ring so you can
get an idea of the size of the group. That is a 3/4″ square.

One very interesting point of note is that this rifle was very picky about pellet choice. I tried several, from Crosman Premier, to Gamo Magnums, to JBS Predators, to Benjamin Diablos, to RWS Super-H-Point, to RWS Superdome, to.. well you get the point. I must have tried 8 different pellet types. I finally settled on the LOGUN .22 Penetrator 16.0 g. It was by far the best performer. There were some others that were close like the Beaman Kodiak and JBS Predators, but none matched the LOGUNs.

Shooting this rifle was a dream. Very easy cocking effort, as mentioned above, wonderful trigger, and relatively light weight. The size would make it a very fun gun to carry through the woods to take small game at close range. I would not push it out beyond 25 yards.

Tomorrow we back up the bench and try shooing at some distances. We will post our findings here!

Written By,
Rick Eutsler AKA: AirHead
Editor / Owner
Copyright 2007, Dog River Design, LLC – All Rights Reserved.

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