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Quiet Hatsan PCPs are finaly Here! – AT44 Quiet Energy

The Hatsan PCPs are known for their accuracy, power, and yes their bark.  Hatsan came to me last year and let me know they were working on suppressed versions of their PCPs.  I had the opportunity to work with the prototypes and make some recommendations.  The result is nothing short of amazing.  In this short video I’m shooting the AT44 QE in .22 caliber.  Here’s how this went down.

  1. I received the rifle about a week before SHOT 2014.
  2. I opened the box and checked the rifle over.  The Quattro trigger has a tension adjustment at the rear of the trigger so I turned that out just a bit to see how the trigger would respond.  It adjusted down to a 1 pound 3.6 ounce trigger pull with a distinct 1st and 2nd stage.  No other adjustments were necessary.
  3. The most important thing we all wanted to know was how well the sound suppression worked.  It is comparable to the Benjamin Marauder.  I have the new .22 cal synthetic and side by side, you’ll need equipment to tell the difference.
  4. Next I dropped on my Hawke 3-12×50 sidewinder scope and began sighting in the rifle.  Ten yard groups were .05″ ctc, twenty yard groups were .16″ ctc.
  5. Next was a trip to the desert to see what we could get at 50 yards and more.  This is where the video below takes over.  There are a couple of points of note.  These are truly out of the box results.  I’m using random, unsorted pellets and I didn’t even clean the barrel before heading out for testing.  Take a look at the new generation of Quiet Energy PCPs.  Price point… you’ll have to wait for the official release, but I’m hearing rumors that the AT44 QE .22 will be under $500.

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