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Recommended Airguns Under $500

Diana RWS 34 Breakbarrel Rifle, T06 Trigger RWS 34 – The most popular rifle sold by RWS, this German rifle will keep you shooting accurately and powerfully for decades.

Diana RWS 34 Striker Combo, TO6 Trigger RWS 34 Stryker Combo If you’re a serious airgunner on a budget, the RWS 34 Stryker Combo was made for you.

Hatsan Striker 1000S Vortex Gas Piston Air Rifle Hatsan Striker 1000S Vortex Gas Piston Air Rifle. Delivers great power with lead pellets. Ideal for plinking, shooting spinners, popping paper targets and dispatching small rodents at close distances.

Umarex Fusion CO2 Rifle Umarex Fusion Co2 Rifle. A great rifle for backyard plinking and target shooting. It has very good accuracy and it is quiet as well.

Ruger Targis Air Rifle Ruger Air Hawk Elite. This beautiful spring-piston Ruger Air Hawk Elite rifle is ideal for target shooting and small pest control.

Ruger Blackhawk Combo Ruger Blackhawk with (unmounted) 4×32 airgun scope & mount. Ideal for plinking and taking small game.

Gamo Recon G2 Whisper Air Rifle Gamo Recon G2 Whisper with Green dot sight and Thumbhole stock. Perfect for small nuisance and pests.

Gamo Big Cat 1250 Deluxe Air Rifle Gamo Big Cat 1250 air rifle 1250 fps=PBA ammo, 1000 fps=lead pellets. Incl. 4×32 scope & mount

Hatsan 95 Air Rifle Combo, Vortex Gas Spring Hatsan 95 air rifle delivers a powerful first impression. And when you shoot it, it’ll reinforce that first impression. The adjustable match trigger will give you control, and the SAS delivers less felt recoil.

Stoeger X3-TAC Air Rifle Stoeger X3 With a Skeleton Style Stock this .177 makes a great starter air rifle for any shooter.

Ruger Air Magnum .177 cal. Air Rifle with 4x32mm Scope Ruger Air Magnum Combo- In .177 1400 fps w/alloy pellets, 1200 fps w/lead pellets. In .22 1200 fps w/alloy pellets, 1000 fps w/lead pellets. Combo includes 4×32 scope.

Gamo Whisper G2 Air Rifle Gamo Whisper G2 Combo with Turbo Stabilizing System, SAT, and Scope make this an ideal candidate for your next pest or plinking needs.

Hatsan 87 QE Vortex Air Rifle Hatsan 87 QE Vortex Air Rifle includes an Integral Silencer and Quattro Trigger for those fine trigger adjustments.

Hatsan 85 Sniper Vortex Air Rifle Hatsan 85 Sniper Vortex Air Rifle Combo, Black Stock-Includes 3-9X32 and moderator.

Gamo Big Cat 1400 Air Rifle Combo Gamo Big Cat 1400 includes 50 rds of Platinum PBA pellets, 4×32 scope and mount

Browning Leverage Air Rifle Browning Leverage. This air rifle has a lot to offer…traditional styling, rock-solid scope platform, fixed barrel, accurate and easy to cock.

Hatsan 125 Air Rifle, Black Stock, Vortex Piston Hatsan Model 125 Vortex Air Rifle, Black Synthetic Stock, .177 Cal. Ideal for plinking, shooting spinners, popping paper targets and dispatching small rodents at close distances.

Beeman RS2 Dual-Caliber Air Rifle Combo Beeman RS2 Dual-Caliber Air Rifle Combo This versatile combo lets you switch from .177 to .22 cal in seconds for those harder to reach targets.

Hatsan 125TH Air Rifle, Vortex Piston, Black Hatsan 125th Vortex Piston Air Rifle.The 125TH Vortex is ideal for plinking, shooting spinners, popping paper targets and dispatching small rodents at close distances.

Stoeger Arms X20S Suppressor Air Rifle Stoeger X20S Suppressor air rifle. With the Stoeger Arms X20S, you can shoot at a flock of pest birds and not scare all of them away after the first shot.

Hatsan 85 Sniper Air Rifle Combo, MOBU Camo Stock Hatsan 85 Sniper in Camo.. The camo stock makes it easier to stealthily stalk your prey. Includes 3-9×32 scope, mount, bipod, sling and integral silencer.

Hatsan 135 Air Rifle, Vortex Piston Hatsan 135 – Extreme power for a vortex-piston rifle! .177-1250 fps with lead pellets. .22 – 1000 fps with lead pellets. .25 – 750 fps with lead pellets.

Gamo Varmint Hunter HP air rifle Gamo Varmint Hunter HP. Hunt anytime! Optics package makes it happen. Tremendous power from this .22 caliber springer! Also available in .177.

Hatsan Torpedo 100X Air Rifle, Walnut Vortex Hatsan Torpedo 100X Vortex air rifle with a beautiful Walnut stock is modestly priced compared to most other underlevers on the market. Also fun for plinking, shooting spinners and popping paper targets.

Hatsan 125 Sniper Vortex Air Rifle Hatsan 125 Sniper Vortex Air Rifle Combo Black. Incl. 3-9×32 scope, mount, bipod & adjustable sling. Permanently attached silencer also acts as a muzzlebrake.

Gamo Bull Whisper Extreme Air Rifle Gamo Bull Whisper Extreme. Delivering massive knockdown power, this air rifle is suitable for hunting small-to-medium size game.

Diana RWS 34P Pro Compact Diana RWS Model 34P Pro Compact with 3-9x40AO scope .177. Good for taking small pests, plinking, shooting spinners or popping paper targets.

Gamo ACCU Air Rifle, Premium Combo Gamo Accu .177 Air Rifle. If you’re into hunting or pest elimination, this would be a great rifle to get the job done.

Gamo Whisper Fusion Air Rifle, IGT Gamo Whiper Fusion IGT. An ideal backyard shooter that is very quiet and has enough power for hunting.

Gamo Whisper Fusion PRO Air Rifle Gamo Whisper Fusion PRO. Shoot for longer periods of time…less noise, less felt recoil, a trigger you can personalize to your needs and the option to use open sights instead of a scope.

Stoeger ATAC Suppressor Gas Ram Air Rifle Stoeger ATAC This Gas Ram Air Rifle comes with a mounted 4-16X40AO scope and black stock

Diana RWS 34 Meisterschutze Pro Compact, T06 RWS Diana 34 Meisterschutze Pro Compact delivers a whopping 1000 fps in .177 caliber. The TO6 adjustable two-stage trigger lets you customize it for your shooting preferences.

Diana RWS 34P Striker Combo RWS 34P Stryker Combo. Includes the Leapers droop-compensating mount and an unmounted 4-12X40AO scope.

Weihrauch HW30S Air Rifle Weihrauch HW30S Air Rifle. Shoot spinners, paper targets and cans all day long with this easy-to-cock German rifle. Comes with the famous Rekord trigger.

Benjamin Trail NP XL Air Rifle Benjamin Trail NP XL. 1100 fps with lead-free pellets. Includes unmounted CenterPoint Optics 3-9x40AO scope

Benjamin Trail NP, Nitro Piston, air rifle combo Benjamin Trail NP Nitro Piston Air Rifle. Quiet power…something you don’t usually find in a spring gun. 950 fps with lead-free pellets. Includes unmounted CenterPoint Optics 3-9x40AO scope

Webley Patriot Air Rifle Combo Webley Patriot Air Rifle. From small rodents to woodchucks, it takes down pesky critters reliably and with ease.

Hatsan Torpedo 150 Sniper Vortex Air Rifle Hatsan Torpedo 150 Sniper Vortex Air Rifle. Whether you use open sights or opt to scope this rifle, it’ll fit you like a glove. 1000 fps in .177

Weihrauch HW50S Breakbarrel Rifle Weihrauch HW50S. Beech stock, Rekord trigger, front sight inserts. 574 fps in .22. Ideal for all day plinking and target shooting.

Beeman Mach 12.5 Air Rifle, RS3 Trigger Beeman Mach 12.5 Air Rifle featuring a Walnut stock and an RS3 trigger for super smooth plinking and small pest clearing.

Beeman R7 Elite Series Combo Beeman R7 Elite Series Combo. The most accurate at 10m of all the Elite Series air rifles, the FP and velocity have been reduced to allow for a smaller scale and lighter weight air rifle. Includes Bushnell 4-12x40AO scope. 700 fps in .177

Diana RWS 350 Magnum Striker Combo, .22, TO6 RWS 350 Magnum .22. Magnum Striker Combo.
Includes 4-12X40AO scope, Weaver rings and Leapers droop-compensating mount. New T06 trigger! 850 fps with 14 grain pellet

Diana RWS 350 Magnum Striker Combo. 177, TO5 RWS Diana 350 Magnum .177 Magnum Striker Combo . 1250 fps in .177. Enough power to hunt small critters and pests. Fun, too! Shoot spinners and plink all day long.

Diana RWS 48 Striker Combo, TO6 Trigger RWS Diana 48 Stryker Combo. 1100 fps in .177 and 900 fps in .22. Includes an unmounted 4-12X40AO scope, TO6 Trigger,Weaver rings, and Leapers droop-compensating mount.

Beeman R9 Air Rifle, No Sights Beeman R9. German quality, hand-assembled and ready to accept any task you give it! At only 7.3 lbs., this breakbarrel marvel will delight you with spot-on accuracy.

Ruger Yukon Air Rifle Combo, Gas Piston Ruger Yukon Gas Piston Air Rifle. This Gas Piston Rifle comes set up with a 3-9X32 scope and an Integral Silencer with a beautiful walnut stock.

Walther Terrus Air Rifle Kit, Wood Walther Terrus Air Rifle Kit. This Air Rifle boasts a beautiful wood stock with an adjustable match trigger and a 4X40 scope to make your plinking or hunting graceful yet productive.

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