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Shoebox Freedom8 Electric Compressor – Review by AirgunWeb

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About This Video:

Do you have a PCP airgun?  Are you tired of using a hand pump to fill your airgun?  Do you have to drive forever to get your HPA tanks filled?  There’s a great solution to all these problems. The Freedom8 ShoeBox Electric Air Compressor is just what the doctor ordered.  This newly designed version of the ShoeBox is much more reliable, fills more quickly, and is much quieter than it’s predecessors.  I’ve had this one in the shop for a while now and I’ve really run it through the paces, filling 4500 carbon fiber tanks and 3000 psi scuba tanks, as well as all manner of PCP airguns.  This little compressor delivers the Freedom all PCP airgun owners have been looking for.  Want to learn more, just watch the video!

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About AirgunWeb:

AirgunWeb is a leader in Airgun Reviews and Information. Airgun Critic Rick Eutsler, has been testing and reviewing airguns, pellet guns, bb guns, and various airsoft airguns since 2006. In this video AirgunWeb will be reviewing and/or talking about the Shoebox Freedom8 Electric Compressor.

Pellet rifles, airguns, air rifles, bb guns, and airsoft airguns are a great way to develop good shooting skills and firearms safety. Airguns, BB Guns, & Airsoft guns are great tools for target practice, small game hunting, pest control, and maintaining firearms proficiency and discipline. Pellet guns are also great for just having fun shooting targets in the back yard and are much safer and less expensive to operate than traditional firearms.

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