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Hello AirgunWeb viewers, readers, and fans,

(I kind viewer recently mentioned that this page was woefully out of date.  So I want to say a big thank you to Tom for letting me know.)

I started this site over 4 years ago, simply to learn how blogging works.  What I did not realize was that it would spark a passion for testing and reviewing airguns.  In the beginning it was pretty hard to scrape together anything to review.  Now, though great sponsors like PyramydAir, Leapers, Gamo, Crosman, and others, I have access to virtually the entire world of airguns and airgun accessories.

In 2010, and now into 2011, I entered into a formal sponsorship agreement with PyramydAir to produce 2 videos per month and one article.  That agreement came in right on time as I was about to call it quits.  The amount of time and energy required to do this “right” (or as right as I’m technically able to do it, I learn new things every day) had run its course and without some form of financial support, I just could not justify moving forward.  But, after a few emails and a couple of phone calls, the guys at PyramydAir decided to roll the dice on a “no name” kid from South Carolina.  I’m so glad they did, and I know there are a lot of viewers out there that are also glad.

So… If I have a sponsor, why do I still have this page?  I dream big.. there are things that I yet want to accomplish, i.e. a series on how to maintain and tune your airgun, simple airgun repair and mods, etc., that are outside my contract with PyramydAir.  There is always new technical equipment to consider, i.e. production software, better audio and cameras to consider, etc., these areas are where I still need your help.

So, if you like what I’ve been doing and would like to help support the process I will gladly, and humbly accept your support.

Please note that donations are:

  1. NOT tax deductible
  2. I will declare them as income
  3. I will pay tax on them

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