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Air Venturi V10 Match Pistol Review

Air Venturi V10 Match Pistol – 10 Meter Match Accuracy on a budget! – Airgun Review by AirgunWeb

For more information about this Air Venturi V10 Match Pistol, and to show your support, please visit our sponsors using the links… Continue reading

ISSC M22 – Airgun Review By AirgunWeb

Air Venturi ISSC M22 Blowback BB Pistol – Airgun Review By AirgunWeb

For more information about the ISSC M22 pistol, and to show your support, please visit our sponsors using the links under “Sponsor Links” in this description.

About this… Continue reading

Hatsan BullBoss Review

Hatsan BullBoss Bullpup .22 - Airgun Review by AirgunWeb. Powerful, Accurate, Flexible, Affordable - The "Every Man's" BullPup - Thank you Hatsan USA!. In this video we look at the new Hatsan Bullpup and its various features and of course accuracy at 25 and also 40 yards. Topped with the new 2.5-10x50 Hatsan Optima Scope, what's not to love about the Hatsan BullBoss BullPup! Continue reading

Gamo Accu .22 Airgun Review – By AirgunWeb

Although it’s been around for years, this is my first time shooting the Gamo .22 underlever. It has certainly been worth the wait. I’m always on the lookout for the best airgun for under $200 and the Gamo Accu .22 may just unseat the current champion. Continue reading

Benjamin Trail NP2 Airgun Review by AirgunWeb

Today’s review product has been one of the most requested rifles starting from the day it became available. Initially there were a few stumbles with the product line. Now, with well over a year under it’s belt, how does the NP2 fair here on AirgunWeb? I guess you’ll have to watch the video to find out. Continue reading

Hatsan AT P2 QE Tactical Pistol / Carbine Airgun Review

The Hatsan AT P2 QE Tactical started out as a PCP pistol. It has transformed into something pretty unique that fills an ever growing niche. Survivalists and Preppers may want to take a look at the ATP2 QE Tactical because it’s rugged, compact, multi-purpose (pistol / carbine), and powerful. Continue reading

John Wayne Colt Single Action Army Pellet and BB revolvers

Umarex made a huge impact with their Colt Single Action Army revolver. Carrying that further they’ve created the special edition John Wayne revolvers. What’s so special, well first off there is a pellet version that comes with a rifled steel barrel. Secondly, they come with “The Duke’s” signature on the handle and unique grips... Continue reading

Walther Rotek Airgun Review

Walther Rotek Airgun Review - The Walther Rotek is a great airgun with high end features and a budget price. Fully regulated, the Walther Rotek delivers 20 foot pounds and up to 48 to 56 usable shots. It's perfectly suited for small game hunting it tight quarters. Continue reading

AirForce Texan Review – Part 1 by AirgunWeb

Rick reviews the new AirForce Texan Big Bore PCP and gives us a baseline for performance and accuracy with the top 4 Air Venturi ammo choices. The AirForce Texan hit the scene in 2015 like a class 5 storm. Currently, It produces more power than any other commercially produced airgun you can buy off the shelf. Sticking with AirForce’s proven design, the Texan is elegantly simple and extremely easy to operate. Continue reading

Umarex Fuel .22 Caliber Product Review

Umarex Fuel .22 Caliber Product Review - Airgun Review By: Airgun Expert & Critic Rick Eutsler: Umarex USA continues to push the boundaries of what's "acceptable" and "expected" in the world of affordable Airguns. Their Fuel series for example has taken a breakbarrel airgun and added a built in bi-pod. This should not technically work.. but it does on the Fuel. Continue reading

Colt Python CO2 BB Revolver Airgun Review

The Colt Python by Umarex USA is another example of why they are one of the leaders in the world of realistic action pistol replicas. The attention to functional detail is evident and the build quality is there to match. Continue reading

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