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Take AIM Episode 8 – How to rebuild your breakbarrel airgun

Take AIM Episode 8 – How to rebuild your breakbarrel airgun

Finally, we have the opportunity to look at the basic process involved to break down, clean and rebuilt a break barrel airgun. Today we will look at how to break down and rebuild the Benjamin Trail NP. We will also look at one simple step to safely improve the Crosman triggers.

Warning: Working on airguns is serious business. Do not attempt this without proper training and supervision. Any modification to your airgun will void your warranty. This video is provided to demonstrate the principals of airgun mechanics not as a complete “how to” guide to tearing down and rebuilding your airgun. As with working with any machinery, safety comes first. Do not attempt any of these procedures without proper training and/or supervision.

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  • blaqheart

    thanks rick for the rundown on servicing a break barrel friends and i are loyal followers of your reviews, i am from trinidad (caribbean island) and air gun shops and gunsmiths are scarce so when our guns need servacing it stays at the shop for about 3 months and if they require parts that are out of stock thats 6 months.i am a instrument tec so being machanically inclined istarted to work on my own air rifle and my friend’s as well. we use your reviews as a guide line to purchase quality products and parts,which my dad who lives in atlanta purchases from pymarid air and ships to me.thanks for the time u spend to ensure we the consumers have the information required before making a purchase

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