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TechForce® QB78 Review

Hello again.  I bet you thought we’d NEVER get another review posted.  Well, frankly I was beginning to think the same thing.  Fortunately we’ve found some really talented contributors and we are starting up again with this article submitted by Gerald Austin.  Gerald found us via our youtube page and agreed to take a look at this rifle for us.  So let’s get to it!

TechForce® QB78 Review
Written By,
Gerald Austin
Contributor for

The QB78 has been around for quite a few years. I remember back in the mid 90’s when I was fairly active in field target and a few of my friends were impressed with the gun. I remember shooting it then thinking it was “nice” but never had the opportunity to take a close look at the gun. I have owned a Crosman 2260 and Crosman 180 for some years now and have always been looking for a GOOD way to mount a scope. The QB 78 takes care of this with a steel grooved receiver.

The rifle came to me as a return with no indication of what it was returned for. The overall look of the gun was very good. The stock was much darker than ones I had seen before with some slight character marks that appeared to be the result of handling and not related to factory workmanship.

TechForce QB78 .177 CO2 AirRifle

The bluing was a medium to deep blue with just some slight variations that would only be noticed by someone paying very close attention to that feature.

The craftsmanship on the remainder of the gun showed some signs of details that could be improved upon but didn’t make me think this gun was not worth the price I had seen advertised.

The buttplate and stock did not flow together well. The fit of the buttplate to the stock showed areas of up to 1/16″ mismatch.

TechFoce QB78 .177 CO2 Pistol

TechForce QB78 .177 CO2 Rifle
The buttplate was loose upon receipt of the gun.

A few machining marks were visible that were blued over including a
tool mark around the circumference of the cap.
TechForce QB78 .177 CO2 Rifle

The trigger right out of the box was a little creepy and had a little more side to side movement than I cared for as it was slightly distracting when shooting from a bench. After a few rounds with the gun as supplied, I removed the action from the stock and adjusted the trigger using the instructions provided in the owners manual. The operation was much more pleasant after the adjustment but could probably benefit from some polishing and lubrication. The side to side movement still existed but was less noticable.

The open sights suited my eyes well and could be adjusted for elevation with the ramp. Windage could be adjusted by loosening one of the screws on the rear sight but out of the box it was not needed. Using the open sights I was able to get some one hole groups at 33 feet using GAMO Match pellets. My interest though was in seeing how the gun performed using a scope.

I mounted a 4-16 x 40 Centerpoint Scope with a one piece Centerpoint mount. The scope was already mounted on another gun and I took it of of that gun, dropped it onto the QB-78 and sighting in took only 6 clicks of windage and 20 for elevation to be on at 15 yards. During the sighting in process a housfly landed on the target at 15 yards. I was pleasantly surprised when I pullet the trigger and the pellet appeared to go to the exact spot where the fly had been.

At 15 yards the gun consistently made one hole 5 shot groups using Crosman Premier Hollow Points, Gamo Match, Gamo Master Points and RWS Super H Points. I moved the targets out to 25 yards and around 250 round through the gun to get a feel for it. At 25 Yards I was able to notice some pellets performing better than others. And decided I would do the accuracy testing with the Crosman Premier Hollow Points, The Gamo Master Pointed, and RWS Super H points. With each pellet tested I shot a total seven five shot groups. Each group was assigned a group number that reflected the shot number from new CO2 cartridges. Overall the RWS Hollow Points performed the best.

Pellet Groups Shots Average of Group Size Min Group Size Max Group Size
Crosman hp 7 35 0.79 0.50 1.05
Gamo Master Pointed 7 35 0.82 0.50 1.10
RWS Super H Point 7 35 0.65 0.35 1.00

The targets below show the pellet type, shot from new CO2 and the group number.TechForce QB78 .177 CO2 Rifle

TechForce QB78 .177 CO2 Rifle

At 40 YDS I performed some informal testing and was pleased to be able to hit the steel T posts in my pasture 8 out of 10 times. Putting some paper at that distance showed a gun that could give a soda can some trouble at 40 to 50 yards on a calm day. The Bull on the target below is 1″ Diameter with a 2″ outer ring.

TechForce QB78 .177 CO2 Rifle

The Chronograph showed the numbers below at approx 75 deg F. No Gamo Master Pointed pellets were chronoghraphed. CO2 cartidges were changed prior to testing and a few shots fired prior to taking the readings.

Pellet High Low Average Standard Deviation
RWS Super H Point 652.7 639.2 644.8 4.35
Crosman H Point 646.8 623 638.9 6.24

Though the power of the gun is on the low side, I would probably take it to the woods for early squirrel season since the shots are closer due to leaves. The accuracy out to 25 yards is shown on the last target below that I shot before this writing. The leftmost column was shot with Crosman destroyer pellets,, the center column was RWS Hollow Points and the right column was shot with Gamo Hunters. The bottom group on the center column was actually 6 shots as I pulled the very first one. The RWS Hollow Points will be the pellet of choice for this fall.

TechForce QB78 .177

All together I have used 16 pairs of CO2 cartridges with this gun. Each pair yielding 60+ shots. The gun has been nothing but FUN. I have shot Fence Posts, Paper Targets, Ice Cubes, Houseflies (2 kills at 15 Yards), paper cups, and I don’t know what else. The only performance issues I had were related to the barrel band becoming loose and the point of impact shifting if a barely bumped the barrel. Loosening the screw and allowing the barrel to center itself and then tightening the screw returned the point of impact to within 5 clicks of the original point of impact.

Here is the gun as tested.
TechForce QB78 .177 CO2 Rifle

The workmanship could use improvement but as far as my opinion goes, looks aren’t anything if it works well. I would like the barrel band a little more secure and the trigger could benefit from a little polishing. At the list price, I find the gun a great value and would recommend it to anyone that wants an accurate and consistent gun at a great price. I just hope they don’t figure out how to run cars off of CO2 !

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All Rights Reserved.

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