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The new .40 cal Badger – AirgunWebTV Special Feature!

2015-11-18-TheBadger 008 (1920x1079)

The Badger is a new, no frills, big bore airgun based on the QB78 platform, but built here in the USA. Power is in the 350 FPE range with reported accuracy out to 250 yards.

Back early in 2015 I met with Beeman Marksman and learned about the possibility of a new .40 cal big bore. Well, I have one here in the shop for testing! Here are some of the important details and some images to wet your appetite.

First of all, the Badger, based on the highly adaptable QB platform, but is not made in China. It will be made (there will be a few, parts sourced from overseas) and assembled here in the USA and not under the Beeman / Marksman Name. Here are the critical details.


  • TBA


  • Chromoly air chamber – 4500 PSI operating pressure
  • Chromoly Barrel is 28″ Long, .401 rifled
  • 350+ FPE capable
  • Cerakote Finish
  • With scope, tipping my scale at just under 9 pounds


  • Mr. Hollowpoint .40 cal, report is that the 185 grain bullets are the way to go.  We’ll know soon.  We want to thank Mr. Hollowpoint for offering to send us some ammo for testing.  Be sure to let him know that you appreciate his support of AirgunWebTV!
  • We’ll also be testing some standard cast pistol rounds from Midway USA


  • Range and accuracy is dependent on ammo and fill pressure.  Reported velocities are 1000 FPS (not sure of projectile weight tested).  We’ll be testing 135 grain up to 255 grain projectiles.  Fill pressure needs to be 4500 psi to achieve optimal performance.  We’ll be using our HPA booster to make sure we are always at 4500 PSI.  For more information on how to rig up such a system, click here.
  • Accuracy is reported to be 150 out to 250 yards.  If true, this will be an amazing airgun for airgun hunters.


  • The badger ships with weaver mounts attached to the receiver much like a high powered hunting rifle.   Hawke Optics has agreed to provide us a wonderful hunting scope for our testing.  But, since I’m going to the range before it gets here, I’ve mounted a leftover scope from here in the shop.  I’ll post updated images once we get our final optics in.  Be sure to thank Hawke Sport Optics for their support of AirgunWebTV when you have the chance!


  • Here’s a few images I took here in the studio late last night.  I’ll update these with some new ones once I get our new Hawke Scope installed.  The Badger is a nice looking, simple, airgun.  I can’t wait to get it to the range and put some lead through the barrel!

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