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Velocities – What can we REALLY expect – VIDEO REVIEW!

Ok, so I’ve been asked A LOT lately about all these ridiculous velocity claims. Heck, Gamo advertises 1600 FPS with their Hunter Extreme although NOBODY has been able to get 1600 FPS out of one. All of their lessor rifles show 1000 FPS with lead and 1200 FPS with the specialty Gamo Rapto (PBA) ammo. Well I took the time this past weekend to not only shoot a whole lot of pellets, but we actually put the whole thing on video just to show for sure what we got!

So I happily announce our FIRST ever VIDEO review. We took my Gamo Hunter 440, which promises 1000 FPS in lead and 1200 FPS with Raptors, out on my back yard range and ran 12 different pellets through it just to see what we really could get. The results were surprising!

So, click on the video to see our first ever Video Review.

  • VerminatorSA

    Great video review! Keep up the good work.

  • JoeG

    Good work on the video review. Its always intresting that each rifle likes certin pellets better then others.

    Joe G from Jersey

  • Nice Video Ricky and very informative.

  • Dear TDLJAZZ,

    Thank you for your comments. We are working on a couple of more videos so please keep your eye on the site.


  • itsnotom

    do you have any idea why cylindrical pellets are not made anymore(except .20)? i would think that since they are bullet shaped,they would be more accurate along with higher velocity. any help would be appreciated and i ‘stole’ your idea about using a plano utility box to hold my pellets. it works great! i also like to have a variety on hand and carrying around all those tins was a reall pain in the butt.

    • I have no idea why they aren’t around. I had some way back in .22 and they were great… can’t find them at all anymore.


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