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Walther .25 Cal Falcon Hunter with Crosman Nitro Piston

The Walther Falcon Hunter was made to move a lot of lead.  You can’t get much more lead than in the unique .25 cal airgun class.  When it comes to hammering your game, the Walther Falcon Hunter .25 cal hits the mark every time.  While finding the right hold took some time, once dialed in, I got less than dime sized groups at 20 yards all day long.  Check out this video.

The Walther Falcon Hunter with Crosman Nitro Piston Gas ram is available from for only: $358.99

Click on the video to start.
  • drzoidberg223

    do you prefer .22 cal or .25 cal?

    • I prefer the .22. The power difference is so minute that I prefer the .22. The pellets are cheaper and the added velocity helps it shoot flatter out past 25 and 35 yards.


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