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Well it has been a very busy week.  Usually the end of the month is busy, but trying to catch up from taking a couple of days off last week to attend the Air Gun Expo in Virginia made it even busier!

I wanted to take a few minutes to catch everyone up with our plans, what we’ve got for reviews, etc, but I first wanted to talk about the Expo.  If you can ever make it to Roanoke for the show, please do.  You won’t be disappointed.  Not only did I get some really good deals, but I met some really nice people.  Of course the highlight for me was spending time with Tom Gaylord.  Not only did he encourage me to write about air guns from a everyday shooter’s perspective, but he really opened some doors for me as well.  So I have to give a special Thanks to him for getting me started.

The show ran on Thursday and Friday and there were folks from all over the country with just about every type of air rifle, new and old.  There were a lot of collectibles for sale, a TON of “NOT FOR SALE” guns where people were just showing their collections, and there were a few retail vendors like Pyramyd Air and Precision Airguns and Supplies.

It was all I could do to get near the tables over at Pyramyd Air, but the folks were very helpful and ready to deal.  I picked up 3 items that we will be reviewing on the site, a Walther CO2 Lever Action with Scope, a Beeman SS1000H with .177 and .22 barrels and 3x9x32 AO Scope, and a Turkish copy of the Gamo CFX rifle.  I’ll tell you that the Walther is a really fun rifle to shoot and will be one of our upcoming reviews.  I also picked up a boat load of “dented tin” pellet specials.  All in all I spent about $430 for 3 rifles and 13 tins of specialty pellets.  Seeing as the retail price for all this was close to $700, I think we did ok.  Bottom line, if you can make it, MAKE IT!

There were also some folks with totally new products (we’ll get to that in the next few months) and some others with a new type of shooting competition.  So stay tuned!

So what are our plans with the site?  We’ve got BIG plans.  We’ll be upgrading the site soon and we’ll be working with some new vendors and manufacturers!  We just got a shipment of Leapers Scopes and we’ve got more Crosman, Daisy, and BAM guns on the way.  We should also have a full complement of TechForce® products to work with.  I’ve tried to contact Beeman and Gamo, but have not heard back from them yet.  Keep your fingers crossed.

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