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Air Arms Pro Sport .22 Caliber – Airgun Review by AirgunWeb / Rick Eutsler

In this review we are going to take a look at a product that as much a work of art as it an amazing airgun. It’s the Air Arms Pro Sport in .22 caliber. Does it perform as well as it looks? Let’s find out.

Air Arms Pro Sport w/ Hawke Scope

Air Arms Pro Sport w/ Hawke Airmax 30 side focus 4-16x50mm Scope.

Up Close

The Air Arms Pro Sport takes the workhorse TX200 and turns up the engineering and design. Gone is the exposed underlever cocking arm which is now tucked neatly into the fore stock of the rifle and the internals, as reported to me by Air Arms, are essentially tuned from the factory.

Air Arms Pro Sport Cocking Lever

Air Arms Pro Sport Cocking Lever tucks neatly up under the forearm creating very clean lines.

The Pro Sport comes in either a beach or walnut stock and is setup for right handers only. The stock is simply beautiful with a high cheek piece and checking on the grip and forearm. It’s really exquisite workmanship. The action sports some of the most beautiful bluing that I’ve ever seen. All this was to be expected as Air Arms is known for their craftsmanship and amazing build quality.

Air Arms Pro Sport Cheekrest

Air Arms Pro Sport Cheekrest

Overall the Pro Sport is a fairly heavy airgun, weighing in at 9 pounds without optics. Speaking of optics, I’ve added the new Hawke Airmax 30 Side focus. It’s the 4-16×50 side focus with their new AMX IR Reticle. This scope is purpose built for Airgunners. It’s amazingly clear and their new AMX IR etched glass reticle sports a lower tree that helps gauge windage as well as hold over.  Having used it in the field, I can say first hand that it’s extremely useful and effective.

Hawke Airmax 30 4-16x50 side focus scope.

Hawke Airmax 30 4-16×50 side focus scope.

The trigger on the pro sport is exactly what I’ve come to expect from Air Arms, perfection. It’s a fully adjustable two stage trigger that breaks at 1lb 5oz from the factory.  There’s an automatic safety at the rear of the action.  Release this and you are ready to fire. There’s no buzz whatsoever when you fire the pro sport. There’s a little recoil and some vibration, but it’s extremely minimal, testifying to the build quality and engineering. It’s a very enjoyable airgun to shoot whether you are shooting indoors at 10 yards or outdoors at longer ranges. The easy shooting cycle and repeatable accuracy will quickly spoil you.

Air Arms Pro Sport Trigger

My trigger on the Pro Sport broke at a clean 1 pound 5 ounces right from the factory.

Performance & Accuracy

My .22 cal pro sport sends 11.9 grain RWS hobby pellets down rage at an average or 760 FPS. This exceeds the manufacturer’s specifications by 10 FPS. It’s nice to see companies truthfully represent their product’s performance vs inflate them strictly for marketing purposes.

The Pro Sport will shoot many pellets reasonably well. The most accurate for me were the H&N Field Target Trophy pellets and the 15.89 Grain JSB pellets. I spent all my time shooting at 20 yards for now, just getting to know my airgun and waiting for good wind conditions out at the range. When conditions improve, probably later this fall, I’ll put together another video showing longer range shots out in the field. In the meantime, here are some 20 yard groups for your review.

Air Arms Pro Sport Shot Card JSB

Air Arms Pro Sport Shot Card JSB

Air Arms Pro Sport Shot Card H&N

Air Arms Pro Sport Shot Card H&N


So let’s look at our final Summary

There are airguns that deliver power and accuracy, and there are airguns that deliver an amazing shooting experience. The Air Arms Pro Sport does all three. When airgunners get to this level of airgunning, it’s about the beauty of the airgun and the precision of the manufacturing. It’s like trap shooters that spend thousands of dollars on a shotgun. It may not make sense to some folks, but if you’re serious about the sport, it makes all the sense in the world. The Pro Sport is an expensive airgun that is going to make sense to those serious about the sport of airgunning, the shooting experience, and that are just looking for that something special in an airgun. It’s an heirloom product that will get handed down through the generations.

When you are looking for Honest, real world airgun reviews, think Airgunweb where we tell you the facts, not fluff. I am Rick Eutsler with Thanks again for watching.

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