Beretta CX4 is the pellet version of the popular Beretta CX4 9mm with German build quality is a great replica airgun.  

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This replica is very sturdy, comes with adjustable open sights, has a unique 30 round magazine, 88 gram CO2 cartridge stored in the butt of the rifle. You should get 200 plus shots from a single cartridge, making the CX4 very affordable to shoot.

The CX4 is a great gun for popping tin cans, water balloons, and just about anything else that you can knock over with a pellet. Velocity is between 550 and 600 fps with 7.0 grain RWS hobby pellets. A lot will depend on how fast you pull the trigger and the ambient temperature. You can expect 200+ shots from a single 88 gram co2 bottle.

This is a great replica airgun.

The German build quality is evident in the weight and the fit and finish of this rifle. Add the Walther PS22 Red Dot sight, and you’ve got a lot of fun all ready to go.

Man it’s a great time to be an airgunner! 

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