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Ok.. So you bought your new gun and get it home. You put a few pellets through it and you notice that something’s just not right.

Well this happened not once but twice with two Crosman G1 Extreme Rifles that I got from Wal-Mart. Fortunately Wal-Mart took both of them back and I “upgraded” to the Crosman Sierra Pro. Now some of this is redundant for anyone that has read previous posts, but I felt it necessary to recap for new readers.

I had actually bought this rifle so I could get the scope, looking back.. not the best idea but anyway.. I digress. The rifle shot well and the scope was great. I sent the rifle to my nephew and put the scope on my Beeman GH950. The first couple of days things were great and then I noticed that the vertical adjustment knob was not clicking into place. This meant that my vertical zero kept changing when I shot.

Frustrated, I went to and sent an email via their customer support form. (Now we are finally to the point of this post.) Crosman is a large company and I would figure that they would not have time to personally deal with little ol me with my defective scope. Boy was I wrong. Within 24 hours I had a return email from a customer support representative personally apologizing for my inconvenience. They gave me an address and told me to send in the scope so they could take care of it.

Now, having been through this type of issue with other companies, I thought for sure that I was not going to see my replacement scope for 3 to 4 weeks.. Wrong again. I got a NEW scope with scope mount and all new accessories in less than 1 week! I really have to apologize to Crosman for having a bad opinion of them before even giving them a chance. It is good to know that even a big company is concerned about customer service.

I was so pleased with their support department and staff that I’ve ordered another Crosman rifle because I know they stand behind their product.

This time I’m going for Multi-Shot Fun! Stay tuned for what comes next!

Written By,
Rick Eutsler AKA: AirHead
Editor / Owner
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