Hammerli 850 .177 co2 Bolt Action

Hammerli 850 .177 co2 Bolt Action

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What do you do when the wind is blowing or the snow and rain is falling and you still want to get in some trigger time? That’s easy, you shoot indoors. But what do you shoot? Well, I can tell you my favorite indoor gun. It’s the hammerli 850 .177 co2 bolt action.

The hammerli 850 is an 8 shot bolt action rifle that uses a rotary magazine. The ambidextrous synthetic stock has a great feel that says quality. And it should, the hammerli is made in Germany.

The rifle comes with simple front and rear fiber optic sights.

The bolt action is extremely smooth. The automatic safety, which is very safe as the safety has a safety.

The Hammerli is powered by a disposable 88 gram co2 cartridge that delivers up to 250 shots and sometimes more depending on the ambient temperature and how quickly you fire follow up shots.

The trigger on the Hammerli is composite, but extremely durable. It’s a very nice 2 stage trigger that breaks at only 1 pound 2 ounces.

The Hammerli is best suited for close range shooting. I’ve had a lot of fun shooting at various objects to 20 and 25 yards, but I stick to 10 yards when shooting for accuracy. Just about any pellet under 9 grains shoots pretty well in the rifle. My favorites are the 7.0 grain RWS Hobby pellets and the 8.3 grain RWS Superdomes. At 10 yards they both shoot really well.

The Hammerli is right on the edge of being practical for really small game and pests. It generates just over 9 foot pounds with the RWS Superdomes. That’s certainly enough energy to clear out the pests around the birdfeeder, especially with the ability to place the shot just where you need it.

I don’t have any complaints or criticisms about the Hammerli 850. It’s a German built gun that operates smoothly and consistently. The trigger is awesome with a pull of just over 1 pound and It puts pellets right were you tell it to every time. If you miss, don’t blame the gun, blame the shooter.

The price point of the Hammerli is really good too. At under $300 it continues to be one of my top airgun picks of all time.

Man it’s a great time to be an airgunner! 

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