June 2023 Newsletter

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June 2023  |  Issue 1

TOPIC: JTS Dead Centers

N.P. I’ve been hearing and seeing lots of good stuff about the JTS dead centers.. overall have they been good to you in the different guns you’ve shot with them?

AGW: Thanks for reaching out. The JTS Dead Centers have been holding their own amongst the guns I’ve tested so far. I’m very eager to see how they do as we get through more testing. Thank you for watching!

TOPIC: Evanix Viper

ATP: If I adjust the hammer to the left does it give the gun more power but less shots?? What’s the purpose of the hammer adjustment on the back of the gun? Can someone pls let me know?

GTA: Hi there Arby, adjusting the hammer spring to the left will loosen it and decrease the power, and may give you a few more shots. Each airgun is a little different. If you turn it to the right, it will increase the power and may decrease the shot count a little, but not by much. The hammer spring adjuster is at the rear of this gun because that’s where the spring rests. The hammer is at the front of the spring and the spring adjuster is at the rear. As you turn in the spring adjuster, it increases the tension on the spring. As you release it, it decreases the tension. Finding the right balance for shot curve and shot count is the key. Hope that helps!

TOPIC: Benjamin Cayden

G.N. Just a question if the moderator messes up the point of impact. Wouldn’t you just adjust your scope to that? And it would still be fine?

Modern Airgunner: Hey there. It depends. If there’s a change to the POI due to clipping, then the accuracy will be terrible. If the POI shift is a side effect of how the air may get stripped off, and the shift is consistent, then it may be fine. Ideally, you don’t want to see any change in POI.

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