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This video: NEW Chrony for Airgunners! – NateChrony inline chronograph on “Sue’s” Macavity MA2 w ATN X-Sight 5” is brought to you by and

Every airgunner NEEDS a Chronograph, but they don’t need to spend a fortune, and who wants to lug around something that requires a tripod, power outlet, and other gear? Fortunately, Nate from has developed an inline chrony that installs right on the muzzle of your air rifle or pistol. There are adaptors for popular threads as well as modules that install on the end of your moderator. Today’s video will be a quick demo of Nate’s new model. We’ve got it installed on Sue Macavity Arms MA2 sporting the ATN X-Sight 5 optic. Let us know what you think!

Man, it’s a great time to be an airgunner!

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