AIRGUN REVIEW – ONYX Tactical Crossbow Powered by Steambow – Unboxing the BEAST! Get it Ready to Go at!  Review by AirgunWeb

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The ONYX Tactical Crossbow Powered by Steambow is probably a God Send for some folks out there that love to hunt but have lost the ability to do so for one reason or another.  Crossbows are exceptional in their accuracy and lethality but they generally all have one thing in common.  You need to be able to cock them.  This has been done so many different ways but it’s never been easier than this.  The new Onyx Steambow cocks with a single push of a button.  It’s powered by a regulated high pressure air bottle or 90 gram co2 bottle.  Either way, now you can enjoy the stealth and accuracy of a high end crossbow without the need for complex cocking systems.  Just push the button and you are ready to go! 

Man it’s a great time to be an airgunner! 

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