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Services: Content Creation | Content Distribution | Industry consulting and confidential product evaluation (see information below) is owned by Dog River Design, LLC. which is owned by Rick Eutlser, Airgun Expert and Critic since 2007.   We have several service offerings and marketing opportunities for companies looking to break into the US Airgun market.  We are sensitive to our sponsors and take potential conflicts very seriously.  For this reason, we only take projects that have an amicable position with our largest sponsors and  Please review the following service offerings below.  If you have questions or would like to speak to us about possibly working together, please contact us via the contact us page.  Our rate card is available upon request.

Content Creation

  • Airgun Reviews – AirgunWeb has carved a very unique niche for creating valuable and marketable content.  Whether print, web, or video content, we are able to take your product and show it in the best light for success.  Our ability to promote a product is always tempered by the product’s actual performance however.  What makes Rick so valuable to the process is his ability to evaluate performance without personal bias.  This ensures a fair and honest review for all involved.  When issues come up, and we know they always do eventually, we always contact the company first and allow them to resolve the problem.  It’s important to let our viewers and our clients know up front that we don’t do negative reviews.  There’s no “up side” to pushing out a negative review.  So, if you are a manufacturer, you know that you’ll be in the loop through the entire process.  And if you are a viewer, you know that if we’ve reviewed it, it’s probably worth taking seriously.  If we haven’t reviewed it… there’s probably a reason for that too.
  • Product Promotion – When we find products that we really like, we love doing promos to help show them in the best possible light.  A great example is the promos that we’ve done for Hatsan USA and  Because we develop a real connection to the products, we are able to demonstrate a genuine excitement and understanding of their function and operation.  We don’t do promo’s for promo’s sake.  We need to be on-board with the product and it’s place in the industry.  When we do a promo, the viewers know that we believe in the product ourselves.  Here are some examples:

Content Distribution

Industry consulting and confidential product evaluation

  • As you can imagine we have our ear to the ground with regards to the American consumer and the industry overall.  We have years of experience working with guns of all makes and models and a keen understanding of what works and what does not work.  We have worked with several manufacturer’s in this capacity to test both pre-production and post-production products for performance, accuracy and durability.  It’s amazing how a simple adjustment based on real world use, can make all the difference in the end product, and frankly the difference between success and failure.  There’s a vast difference between the guys in the white coats and the guys out in the field who use the products in the actual environment in which they were intended to be used.  One of the recent roles that we’ve found really enjoyable is introducing vendors to new products that warrant greater market share.  By having us evaluate a product and put our “seal of approval” on it, manufacturers can take our report and include it with their overall marketing program as a way to encourage buyers to pick up the line.  This is perhaps one of the most valuable services that we can offer to a manufacturer.

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