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The Seneca Dragonfly MKII takes us back to old school airgunning but with a twist. The new Seneca Dragonfly MKII features the Patented Butterfly easy cocking system. This makes the 15th pump as easy to pump as the 1st. This is revolutionary for multi-pump pneumatic airguns. With less work needed to pressurize the gun for each shot, the Dragonfly MKII is going to be a fan favorite.

A solidly built airgun, the Dragonfly MK11 is sure to inspire airgun old-timers that have a fondness for days of the old Benjamin Sheridan. The original Dragonfly certainly brought us back, but the new MKII takes things forward in several ways. While the new patented Butterfly Cocking System is the most notable, you now also have a threaded muzzle for suppressor, multi-shot magazine, and 11mm scope rail built right into the receiver. The Dragonfly MKII is what old time airgunners have been long waiting for.

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