PRODUCT REVIEW – Breakbarrel or PCP?  SIG ASP20 vs Seneca ASPEN.  Which option is right for you?  Get your gear from

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The SIG ASP20 and Seneca Aspen come in around $400.  Both are self-contained shooting options that deliver exceptional value.  Which option is right for you?  In this video we’ll take a look at the basic differences and advantages and differences with both of these great airguns.  The SIG ASP20 may be the best breakbarrel in the sub $500 price point range.  SIG has really built something that will shoot straight for a LONG time and does so with some serious style.  The Seneca Aspen is a fully self-contained PCP with an integrated HPA hand pump.  With up to 30 foot pounds of energy on tap (.22 caliber, more in .25!), you get great accuracy and power with minimal effort.  Topping off between shots is super easy which means you are NEVER without air.  Also, the Seneca Aspen comes with a 10 shot magazine and a single shot tray.  Which airgun is going to be the right one for you? 

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