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Take AIM with AirgunWeb!

 Take AIM is our new series here at

Take AIM stands for: Airgun Information & Maintenance

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In this new series we’ll look at everything from the basics of installing and sighting your first scope, to simple maintenance, to more advanced tuning and repairs.

Currently Take AIM is self funded, which means that we don’t have a sponsor as of yet.   BUT, we are certainly interested in finding one or more sponsors that may be willing to share some of the costs for products and supplies.

If you feel that this project has value and is worth us putting the time into, then please LET US KNOW.   If you would like to help, we’ve setup a few ways that make it easy.

Please visit our “Garage Sale” page to see what items we are currently selling.   In there you will find products that we may not want to sell, but need to sell to help keep this project going.

We will also have our 2011 calendar for sale.   Yes we know 2011 already here and going fast, BUT this is a nice calendar that features full color photos of our top 12 rifles from 2010.  It also includes a companion DVD of the reviews for each of the rifles.   We will be updating our AGW Calendar yearly so, be sure to get yours for 2012 too!

Along with our Calendar and companion DVD, we’ll also be listing our Take AIM episodes.  Sure you can watch them for free on YouTube and we want you to!  But, we’ll make a little bit off the sales and that will help us make more videos.

You can always use our “Support AGW” page as well.  Every few bucks help us get the supplies and products that fall outside our normal sponsored reviews.

Above all, we want to personally thank ALL our viewers, sponsors, suppliers, vendors, and everyone else that has helped us get this far.  I hope that this new series takes us that much further!

With kind regards;

Rick Eutsler

Take AIM Episodes:

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  1. Pellet Size Reference Target - general 4 up targets with size reference items
  2. Size reference target 5.5" x 5.5" with crop marks - for Tech Force "silent pellet trap"